The Dynamic and Evolving Storyline
Writing tutorials, publishing tutorials, artist's writing tutorials. Writing help, strategies, hints, tips and tricks for writers of any type of media. A dynamic storyline is a must have for any comic series that is not a mini-series. A dynamic storyline not only spices things up for the reader, but it also causes friction between the characters and settings inside the comic. As done in Weapon X which was previously known as Dead-Pool, the comic changed names and changed the look of things just to spice up the story. In the ends it all done to keep the comic alive, unfortunately Weapon X never got very far.

To be specific, a dynamic comic involves changing settings, plots and characters despite the fact that the majority of the comic remains the same. At the same time the dynamic storyline is deep with character insight. This has happened in all long running comics. With Spider-Man it happened during the "Identity Crisis" which involved Spidey becoming other heroes such as

A dynamic storyline can be as little as a hero changing the look of his costume to as much as a hero changing his name and location. As much or as little a dynamic storyline that changes and gets in depth is up to the writer.

In order to develope good deep characters you must visualize to yourself what you think a character would be like in real life. A character must be so deep that the reader can relate to someone they know or someone they may eventually know. While staying in the realms of realism is hard at times, it tends to present a stronger story.

The amount of changse that Spider-Man has experienced can even begin to be described. Throughout the identity crisis as well as the death of Gwen Stacy and the "seperation" with Mary Jane, each aspect of the comic has led readers to become more interested. Peter Parker is such a dynamic character that even asking a boy who's read three or four comics can tell you that he is a scientist oriented character who relies on his responsibility as motivation for being a vigilante.

Comic book writing tutorials. Even the logo changed over the years to adapt to what we were evolving into as a company. The original logo, pictured to the right, was created to invoke an emotional feeling that would inspire one to draw. The new logo, the black tree in the top left corner of the page, replaced the old one because it holds more meaning in it. It makes you wonder more what its all about...and it looks pretty freaking sweet.

So as you can see, things must change and adapt to the ever growing and changing world. While change seems like a bad thing at first, in the end people don't even remember that it ever changed. You can apply this theory to so many aspect of your careers as well; whether your a writer, artist, inker or publisher. Anything can always use a little change.

Keep the story developed and be sure to keep it unique. Nothing else matters as much as those two aspects of writing. Thanks for the oppurtunity to share insight on writing with the masses, and please send any comments or suggestions to [email protected].

- Joseph Lookabaugh

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