Developing Desired Setting
Writing tutorials, publishing tutorials, artist's writing tutorials. Writing help, strategies, hints, tips and tricks for writers of any type of media. Developing your comic's genre includes developing most of its setting. Maybe you want and old school mafia story; your setting might take place in the 50's and include older cars and older clothing with a hint of more proper dialect.

Writing Comic Books Tutorials, Develope a Desired Setting. If you want your comic to be relaxing and mellow; then your setting will include lots of scenes like the beautiful sunset coloring the sky and ocean in the background of the picture to the left. This type of scene could be used in a comic for a relaxing background. Perhaps an easy going vacation taken by Captain America or maybe it's just the all-year around setting for a character like Spider-Girl.

A writer could describe this type of setting to an artist by writing imagery in parenthasese. An artist can easily take instructions like; (create a mellow atmosphere; maybe use light purples and pinks). Artists many times are more than glad to accept such detail, this takes away from their work of creating certain pictures.

The picture in this paragraph could be used to create an adventure filled and spooky and mysterious setting. This would be great for an X-Men comic, things are always going fast and tend to convey sticky and new situations for them. You could also use settings likes this by basing an entire setting for a comic on an underground rag-tag group of vigilantes that have a hide-out in a forst.

Learn to write comic books through our Writing Tutorials.Or use one setting to mean two opposite things for a wider variety of readers; like use the sun lightly shinging through the trees, and other times have very dark and cool colors where the sun can't come through at all. This could be done by creating very hot and tense missions that a character takes in the blistering sun, and then create very cool and mellow times where the character is catching a breeze high in the trees.

Be creative and use your imagination, try to make a unique collection of settings. Your comic genre could be very similar to other genres, just be sure to include different ways in the setting of showing that type of comic. Don't get caught up or lost in these words either, if your confused then re-read the last paragraph. You need to understand this point.

A setting can be a crucial selling point to readers at a comic store whom have hundreds of comics to chose from. Make them notice the attractive setting that they can relate with or just find interesting as they flip through the pages briefly. Give variety so that a comic does tend to be repetetive and eventually to boring to care about. Take time and think about settings before writing, make it the first thing you write.

Follow all of the tips on setting so far mentioned and already you should be headed in a great direction for a comic. You should now know what your trying to make the audience feel, and you should know what the aura that comes with your comic is. Set everything up through deciding what you want the reader to read with after he's done with your comic. This will cause an interesting and captivating comic from the beginning. Writing is the basis of any plan, and a plan is the basis for any work or project.

- Joseph Lookabaugh

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