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Writing tutorials, publishing tutorials, artist's writing tutorials. Writing help, strategies, hints, tips and tricks for writers of any type of media. When I speak of comic genre, I am primarily talking of the direction the whole comic is going and the type of comic you want it to be. A good way to pick a comic direction is to find out what your own interests are. While writing a storyline you are interested in will help you write more enthusiastically; it also tends to have people use ideas that were used in previous comics. Be careful of this when writing any story and developing any path to take. The most interesting story is the one that follows the path not taken.

This drawing of what's known as the Granite building acts as a good example to show the importance of developing a comic through selecting its genre properly. This scene is located in a downtown area of a pretty busy city. The city started with one large building and then moved on to others until their were no regular one or two story houses or storefronts on the block. Suppose those who started these buildings, mainly the Granite building, did not take into consideration where the ghettos were located. Do you think that this part of town would have prospered like it did. Do you think that the idea of a town gaining large buildings primarily in the ghettos is very realistic at all.

Along with a story-line as well, if your main setting is in the part of town pictured to the left, do you think that your going to include homeless people, business people, buses and the like; or are you going to include farmers, tractors and wagons. The reality of it all, is that you have to select your genre according to what direction your comic is going to take. Where you're going to start, what kind of emotion you want the readers to feel, so on and so forth.

With genre, you need to know your comic's type. Is this comic an adventure, or more of a suspense; should on make is funny or gory. The main them of the comic should be decided upon very early, do not switch from thing to thing. Stay constant, this does not mean that you cannot have a comic that is funny and adventurous; it just means that your comic cannot switch from being funny to being just adventurous. Comic changes like this will cause many frequent readers to lose focus on the comic and see that it is a flickering writer who puts the characters on the pages. Don't lose the reader's view on the comic, keep he/she entranced in the storyline to much to notice that it's just a story. Make the reader think of it solely as a great history of someone's life, this way they will be as entertained as they want.

So suppose you've selected your comic genre, you need to know how to create that Genre; well, its all discussed in the next tutorial: Developing Desired Setting. For now, keep thinking on what you want your comic to be and how its going to get there.

- Joseph Lookabaugh

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