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All of our writing tutorials have been created and added to Blazedent's archive and resources to help aspiring writers stay on track and focused so that they can create the best possible story. We also help allow those who have never written a comic book, or other media type, to learn the techniques to get it done. Some of the techniques include story-line, character development and writing with pictures instead of words. All of the writing tutorials are aimed at aspiring creators to become a more unique and more talented writer so that can stand out from the crowd.

 Tutorial:  Description:
Before writing any issues, be sure to know the direction of your comic book and its genre. Find out how to decide the best genre for the storyline and know how to be creative and entertwine themes and types of stories.
After knowing what genre you want for your comic series, then one must need to know how to create the right setting(s) and how to pick out and create the needed characters for such a comic. Become aware to the tricks of the trade and get help and gain perspective on developing the setting you and your readers need.
A step deeper into making an even better comic, or writing any type of media for that matter, through using creative, relative and strong characters that will bring interest and carry the story-line above others.
Easily overlooked, yet so very important, are a few key tips and tricks to starting a good storyline that has alot of potential and alot of directions to go.
In order to keep readers connected and attracted to your series one should develope a dynamic and evolving storyline. Your storyline should be unexpected, ready yet reliable and prepared to take your readers on the ride of a lifetime.
A few homework assignments for writers before they dive into the heart of literary construction. An in-depth introduction to writing convincingly realistic dialogue.
Their is nothing traditional about the writing of comic books compared to usual fiction and non-fiction stories. Let's figure out how to tell a better story in a different way; through the art of dialogue story-telling.
For alot of writers, one knows what they want in the story and what they want the characters and scenes to be; but you don't quite know how to put those ideas onto paper. Here we try to get past that and show you some useful techniques into putting those scrambled ideas into sensical literary artwork.

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