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Website Development Tutorials for Artists, Website Design, WebDev, Website Help, how to make a website, how to create a website.By now you should have the main purpose of your website and perhaps you know what you want to call it and the color scheme. Here is the most missed development phase of a website; people tend to dive into a website with no direction or idea and it comes out as a goofy looking screwball website. You must make a site layout as pictured below, and I'm going to help you.

Grab a blank sheet of paper or open up a blank image in an image editor. Think of the paper or new image as an internet browser and try to picture what you want your site to look like on it. Composition on the page is important so that the site can be easily used and is attractive to the viewer.

Their are usually at least three *main sections of composition on a page; but here is a list of the many options: - *main frame
- *navigation bar
- *header w/ logo
- advertising
- small print
- image attraction
- media
- branch navigation One might go through many pieces of paper trying to find the best page composition for their type of site; but the best advice for having a good composition is to be creative, incorporate ways of creating a site that makes your site significantly stick out.

Now let's look at the site layout to the left; it's pretty basic but it gives you a good layout of what yours could look like when your done. Draw out boxes where you want different frames of your site (frames tend to be the best solution for site composition, they are webpages inside other webpages that are positioned where you want them; note that frames are only squares and rectangled shapes!), after drawing each box be sure to label it according to what you want to go there. Color coordination isn't really needed; but hey, it makes you jealous of mine doesn't it (not really). After deciding where you want everything to go, a good step is to make a tree of your site, this is neccessary for navigation purposes.

Be as detailed as you can; it will help you out in the long run and make things alot easier. To help you out, think logically. If you want to make a site to sell goods; then your not going to focus on the advertising part as much, and your probably going to have a site navigation tree that includes different types of items your selling, and then out of those different typoes of items you would add even more detailed descriptions depending on how many different items you sold. Take the following navigation tree into consideration: Big Steve's Audio Store...

   - New Home Audio Equipment
       - Speakers
           - Booshelf
           - Floor-Standing
           - Subwoofer
               - Non-Powered
               - Powered
       - CD Players
           - One Disc
           - Five Disc
       - Accessories
   - Used Home Audio Equipment
   - New Car Audio Equipment
   - Used Car Audio Equipment
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The tree above is pretty in-depth, and when you think about it - would be easy to use. Any person could locate what they were looking for easily with a site that used the above model; take your time and make a good site navigation tree and composition page. That's all for website development for now.

- Joseph Lookabaugh

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