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Website Development Tutorials for Artists, Website Design, WebDev, Website Help, how to make a website, how to create a website.All Webiste Design and development tutorials have been created and added to Blazedent as a resource for individual artists and writers of any media type in order to help the individual artists have the skills and abilities to share their work with the online community. Our primary focus is to put everyone on the right path so that they can share ideas online by posting artwork, written materials and other content in an effort to obtain Artistic Genesis.

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Developing a great website that is easy to use, works good with any computer/browser and attracts alot of viewers takes alot of work, find out how a website exactly works and the best way to go about creating one before you jump into other technical tutorials on things like HTML, CSS and Robots.txt files.
Learn about strategically planning your website before actually jumping in and coding it. One should have a detailed layout of the template and design before they waste time coding just to change their minds about the look and feel of it.
The best way to get complete freedom of your site layout and a good way to understand webpages is to learn HTML, the code that webpages are written in and then deciphered by internet browsers. This tutorial covers the basics so that you can start from scratch with nothing but Wordpad and an idea.
An in-depth look at how HTML can be used, tag attributes and attribute settings as well as an extensive list on HTML tags and what they can do for you.
Here we are going to go more in-depth into the header of an HTML document. Learn how to set up the beginning and end of your webpages with the most effective tags and attributes.
An introduction to creating and calling Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as well as an introduction to using CSS to modify the view and design of literally every aspect of your webpages and HTML. Also included is an in-depth CSS Cheat Sheet with complete attributes and attribute settings.
In order to have space on the web to put your website one must have a server or get someone else who has a server to store it for them for constant access from internet users. Welcome to the world of webhosting. Many of these hosts also allow you to develope your site with their online tools.
What's the big deal with robots.txt files? Learn what they are and how to create robots.txt files for security, control, and to help search engines spider your website correctly.

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