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General Site Visitation User Agreement Acknowledgement:
By visiting this site, or any Blazedent produced site, and the pages that are therefore attached with them through the root domain; the viewer(s) submit(s) to these rules and regulations of Blazedent. Viewers may not abuse these rules, and any viewers that do not agree or accept the User Agreement are not welcome to the Blazedent website(s) and/or webpages, and should leave the site immediately. Browsing the Blazedent website(s) and/or webpages is a priviledge, not a right. If you do not agree to the terms, you have no right to be at our site or any page(s) thereof. It is also the viewer's(s') duty to check up on the Blazedent User Agreement often for possible ammended policies. Any policy or policies may be changed at the discretion of Blazedent without notification to the viewer(s) except through this User Agreement. Blazedent reserves the right to include or exclude any of the agreement at any time. Any users that are still governed by superiors, be it governmental and/or guardians, must have the legal permission(s) from their higher-ups to view Blazedent. For the United States of America, a viewer must be 18 or older or have legal consent from their guardian(s).

Site Code and Content, Rights, Copyright and Disclaimers:
All books, titles, stories, story concepts, art concepts, developed characters, graphics, html, art and javascript are Copyright Blazedent 2002-06. Blazedent is Copyright 2002-06 by Joseph Stanley Lookabaugh, owner, operator and creator. Any use of the content on this site is strictly prohibited. All content on this website, these pages, and the sites and pages created on other servers that are maintained by Blazedent have been declared Copyrighted materials 2002-06. Viewers should not save any artwork, files, HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, or other related materials unless permission has been granted by Blazedent. For all articles, reviews, stories, concepts and all other unmentioned materials and/or information, All Rights Reserved 2002-06.

Blazedent is a public site that can be accessed by any and all that abide by the User Agreement. However, viewers should keep in mind that while Blazedent is not affiliated with violence, violent language, vulgar pictures, vulgar language, obscene images, pornography, etc., our site is still centrally an artistic one and that occasionally that which might be thought a bit border-line is being used for artistic and creative purposes. Therefor Blazedent is not held accountable for the viewer(s) seeing such illustrations or reading such material, the intent is purely artistic.

Their are many art pieces, image files and other resources that Blazedent has used through permission or through General Public Licenses (GPLs); all of these files, resources, titles, ideas, creations, and other materials are copyrighted their rightful owners. Use of these items has been with permission; if any viewer of the site wishes to use them as well, they must individually contact their creators. Blazedent has no right to offer permission to certain media that it has not produced entirely by itself.

Mission Statement and Purpose:
Blazedent was created for the purposes of creating and birthing artistic media through any medium. This includes tutorials on creating comic books, writing, drawing, inking, penciling, website development, movie production and literally any other kind of medium that can be artistically created. We try to inspire others through our online community, we try to encourage artists to share their own ideas and opinions (through Message Boards), as well as share the work that they have done (through the Art Gallery and/or Resource Directory). Blazedent has also been created for the further advancement of production, creation, creativity, publishing, etc.

Submitted Work Copyright and Disclaimer:
Work submitted to this site is Copyrighted it's rightful owner(s) and cannot be used, saved or taken credit of unless otherwise noted. All submitted work is furthermore not neccessarily affiliated with Blazedent and is always used with permission; however, certain described work that has been submitted is not owned or by any way created by Blazedent. All submitted work is Copyrighted their rightful owner(s) and may not be used without written consent. Blazedent does have quite a few different members of its staff and all of the articles, creations, etc. that are created by them are Copyrighted strictly to Blazedent.

Message Board Terms, Policy, Rules and Disclaimer:
Advertising in the Message Boards is not allowed and will result in immediate account extermination. However; if you rent advertising spaces on Blazedent's website then you may occasionally post ads throughout the message boards as long as they are posted sparingly. Also remember that their is no profanity or vulgar language allowed in the boards. Blazedent Message Board aministrators always hold the right to deny access to any users, they are a priviledge not a right. Also remember that at any time Blazedent may discontinue any viewer(s) or community member's Message Board membership(s). Please note that the User Agreement will act as the official agreement to be used for the online Message Boards affiliated with Blazedent. The boards have been used with permission through a General Public License (GPL) from Blazedent has the right to discontinue the Message Boards at any time. Occasionaly hackers and spammers infiltrate the Message Boards despite all preventative messures that have been taken. Blazedent is not held responsible for the damage, vulgar language, obsceneties, etc., that they do while in the boards.

Resource Directory, Policy, Rules and Disclaimer:
The Blazedent Resource Directory is used purely as an easy guide to different resources on the internet. Site(s) that are listed within it can be removed at any time. This is usually done when the site(s) has violated a code of conduct or betrayed the Resource Directory Rules. The main rule with affiliation through the Resource Directory is for a site not to have a link to on their site somewhere. Also note that sites that are listed are in no way affiliated with Blazedent unless otherwise noted. Blazedent will not be held responsible for the content, materials, etc. of their site(s).

Parent/Age Consent Acknowledgement:
Blazedent is a mature group with mature: context, art, graphics, stories and site material; despite the fact that all are used with an artistic purpose in mind. If you are under the age of 18, Blazedent is not at fault for your exposure to material that is intended for a more mature level. All artwork on the website is intended to be viewed and publicized as art, nothing more and nothing less. Any obscene pictures are for the viewing pleasure of an artist's mind. We are not at fault for those who are immature or those that do not accept our art as innocent by nature. Text is also intended to be used in an artistic way, any language used that may seem vulgar or inappropriate was originally intended to appeal in an artistic way. If you are not 18, or are not legally allowed to view Blazedent's material(s) for some reason, then you should leave the site immediately. Blazedent is not held responsible for viewer(s) who continue using the site without the proper legal and/or guardian consent. Also, if you do not agree with our art and text policy, you have no right to view our site. All explicit artwork and language is intended to be used artistically for the easier advancement of skill and knowledge. Thank you for understanding.

Online Blazedent Sales Terms Agreement:
Note: this section does not apply to items purchased through Blazedent's Cafe Express site ( This is strictly for items that are exchanged on Blazedent's home site ( Blazedent's online sales of comic issues, t-shirts, and everything else misc. hold to these User Agreements. Before purchasing anything or sending funds, you agree that you have read this User Agreement and abide by all terms. To buy an item one must pay with a certified check, money order, PayPal or personal check before recieving any items. Note that personal checks will take longer to recieve your item(s) because the check must first be cleared. Any items purchased using PayPal may not send Credit Card affiliated payments. All such payments will be denied due to unique PayPal verification and fee requirements. Anyone who says that they are going to buy an item, must pay for the item and cannot take back on their order. Those who do choose to take back orders will be put on a black-ball list and not be allowed to purchase anything from us online again. Haggling and trading are allowed through Blazedent, be sure to contact the webmaster at [email protected] to place trading requests. All transactions will be done through Blazedent for security. Blazedent will wait for the arrival of the money order, certified check, PayPal deposit or personal check before sending any item(s) to the purchaser. We will also not be held responsible for any damaged items. It is the responsibility of the consumer to contact Blazedent for specific shipping terms before purchasing them. Blazedent makes no guarantees (except that purchased items will be shipped to the appropriate address), offers no refunds and will not abide to any warranties; we stand firmly by our no-refund and no-return policy. Note that anyone purchasing things through Blazedent paying through USPS mail will also need to include their name, mailing address and email address. All purchases will be put in the Blazedent sales database and will stay their for a minimum of five years.

Advertisement Affiliation Disclaimer and Copyright:
Blazedent will not be held responsible for any advertisements located throughout its' site(s) and/or pages. The views and opinions of the advertisements are not neccessarily the views and opinions held by Blazedent. For information on advertising on Blazedent's website, or joining our affiliate program, please contact us.

Any advertisements shown on Blazedent that do not promote what Blazedent has to offer are copyrighted their rightful owners. No banners may be used or taken from our site whatsoever without written permission from the contents' creator(s). However, Blazedent buttons and banners may be used on any other site(s) at any other time, but Blazedent does remain the right to deny a site the use of our buttons and/or banners.

Religious Affiliation:
Blazedent holds a life-long affiliation with Jesus Christ, our redeemer and our one true friend. Through the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we can be forgiven of our sins. We can find bliss, peace and happiness through He who created us. If you ever wish to discuss Jesus or Christianity, please contact the webmaster at [email protected] Furthermore; Blazedent thanks the Lord for all that He's blessed us with. Any money or plubicity made from the Blazedent website in a positive and uplifting way is because of Jesus Christ. We fully acknowledge his strong presence as well as grace.

Donations Toward Blazedent (through Paypal or other) Terms:
All donations that are contributed to Blazedent through Paypal and/or any other way financially etc. are used 100% to pay for the site hosting, domain, and site advertising campaigns. Blazedent does not make a profit. While we are a non-profit organization we choose to remain under the .com status because of its supreme use with websites over .org(s). No money will be used except to help continue site growth and development of our free online tutorials and other resources.

Advertising Campaigns Disclaimer and Terms:
Those who sponsor Blazedent wether it be through online advertising, advertising in our comic book series or through site promotion are not affiliated with Blazedent. Furthermore; they are not given any guarantees as far as the extent of exposure their advertisements might recieve. We cannot guarantee the amount of comic books we might sell in a month etc. and therefor cannot give any numbers that are whatsoever correct to the amount of exposure those ads might have. We will not be held to any standards. The amount of advertisement ratios that we offer are completely true and will hold true through the remaining period of our affiliation through sponsorship. Blazedent does not guarantee any certain amount of clickthru ratios etc. on advertisments online; nor do we acknowledge any certain ratios of people who will read their advertisements online or in our published materials.

Advertising Campaigns Denial and Removal Notification:
Blazedent always reserves the right to discontinue the promotion of a site that is affiliated with nudity, porn of any kind, vulgar or obscene language and visual images, devil worshipping related and/or other obscene or socially unaccepted sites. Any sites that hold such content on them can be denied access to advertise on or sponse Blazedent's website. At any time, a site may be removed from Blazedent's advertising services because of the inability to maintain certain criteria and predetermined terms.

Privacy Statement:
State law requires that users of Blazedent be informed that this site collects information about users. Any and all information collected through any part of Blazedent will not be given out to any other third party company. Blazedent feels very strongly about protecting the rights of our site visitors and users.

For More Information:
For more information about the mature content, artwork and language, Online Store, or any question, please contact [email protected]. Please check the Blazedent User Agreement frequently for changes or additional terms.

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