Publishing Tutorials
Publishing tutorials that cover publishing comic books, books, and other written works. Learn everything you need to know in order to go through the whole process, step by step, of creating, producing and publishing literary works like books, poems, comic books, articles and any materials. Our publishing articles show you how to obtain authentic copyrights, contact artists and inkers, learn estimated costs that might be involved in printing and more.

 Tutorial:  Description:
An introduction to starting your own comic book company or publishing your own comic. Helpful tips and downfalls to be aware of.
A tutorial for beginners who want to imagine, create and publish their first comic book. This article covers creating entertaining story lines and other basics in general.
Helpful hints, tips and tricks to include in your comic books', or other literary works', storyline and conception in order to keep your audience coming back for more.
Having entertaining story lines keep readers coming back for more, learn tips, tricks and helpful hints to creating interesting plots and twists.
Decide how far your comic is going to go. Learn about picking the right artist, writer and inker for your book, comic book, or other literary work, and add those finishing touches before you grit your teeth too far into the project.
Setting deadlines, forming meetings and getting everything off on the right foot for the first issue of your comic book series. We will discuss instruction for getting your comic book series on track with these and other little details that are important but often overlooked.
Protect your finished product, comic book, book, whatever work it may be, with a legal copyright. Also learn the details to publishing and distributing your work to the masses.
A tutorial that gives creators, writers and entrepreneurs a realistic glimpse of printing and publishing, advertising and distrubtion prices and costs.

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