Entertaining Story Lines
Comic Creating, Publishing Help, Writing Tips, Authoring, Development Tutorials. Create Comics Archive, how to publish. You have been brought thus far because of your journey to develop a great comic, or comic company. The last comic creating tutorial introduced you to the fact that great comics come from strong characters, but there is more. To have a great comic, it's obvious that you must constantly keep story-line that is entertaining enough to gain new readers, and constantly gaining new ideas to keep monthly readers.

After reading about how to develop characters, you have hopefully gained the concept of characters that go along with each other. When all of your characters can easily go together, it's a lot easier to write story lines that also easily go together from one issue to the next.

When you start making that comic that you hope to be there for years to come you need constant story lines that carry on to every issue. This could be a character that is trying to find his father who left him when he was a little kid, or it could be that guy who is trying to become president. Basically; just pick an online story-line that you think will easily go along with your characters and each issue's story-line, which brings us to developing individual issue story lines.

Every writer has their own technique; however, every writer is seeking for the perfect story that is new and will gain respect from the comic industry. Some writers read or watch movies and eventually gain ideas. Other writers simply begin brain storming, and yet others just start writing.

First, you need to find out which technique works best for you. Then you begin. When developing stories, start with an objective, what outcome do you want from your next comic. Do you want your main character's past to be more developed, do you want any of your characters personality to be more developed. Do you want a big event such as a wedding or funeral to occur, do you want a new character in the comic; first find out what you want from your next comic.

Decide how you want to bring your point across; if you want to add a new character to your comic you could use a number of ways. Have one of your regular characters stumble upon your new character; have your new character getting caught by a hero, and being brought to the right side of morals. Use anything you want that you think could also be very entertaining.

Begin writing; you should have what you want to get across in your comic and how you want to do it, so begin writing. Or if you're not the type that can just start into a paper without more ideas, think of different ways you could present your story then begin writing. Either way, there is no way your comic will come out boring as long as you follow some of the main points in this tutorial.

To have your comic gain even more respect, use the ideas that no one has ever used, or ideas that were thought not possible. Be original and constantly think of how you comic could stand out.

- Joseph Lookabaugh

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