Publishing Comics: The Basics
Comic Creating, Publishing Help, Writing Tips, Authoring, Development Tutorials. Create Comics Archive, how to publish. Before getting started on your journey for a great comic company, or to have your own comic, you need to know some general rules of thumb. We don't want to trample your dreams; but alas, these are some things that you need to find out ahead of time. Keep reading.

First of all, if you are starting your own comic company, or just your own comic because you want to be famous; then don't. You don't have the will quite yet to be able to handle your affairs. If you're starting a book just for money, then stop, you still don't have what it takes. If money is just a bonus, go ahead. As bad as it sounds, there is nothing you can do if you don't have the desire or will.

Furthermore, don't start your journey if you know that you don't have what it takes to keep charge of the situation or keep up with the work. Only more problems will arise if your business goes bankrupt or you lose money.

There will be ups and downs; you must constantly spend time working on a project, and you must put all you have into it. It's not easy, and most small companies don't make it past the first year.

You'll need a principle to work off of and if you don't have that then you'll need a good credit history so that you can get a loan. Starting any company isn't easy, printing or creating even one comic isn't easy; it takes a lot of money, alot of work and even more planning. Overall it takes a lot of time. Money will also be spent on publicizing. No one will find out about your work unless you pay for advertisements in billboards and magazines. Don't let your hard work go to the crapper because of a few minor mistakes.

A lot of decisions will need to be made ahead of time. Are your books going to be colored or black and white? Will you hire someone one time or on a monthly basis. Colored books cost much more than black and white. And hiring a person on a one-time basis is more expensive. You need to know how much money will be needed before you start.

Of course this article isn't anything more than to help entrepreneurs be aware of things to think of. Getting a comic book into print isn't as easy as it might seem. We won't just leave you feeling hopeless though, if you have a strong will and the talent then you have nothing to worry about. If you're ready for the ride then continue to the next tutorial that serves as an introduction to getting the wheels in motion and preparing your first comic and/or comic book company.

- Joseph Lookabaugh

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