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For the more "classic" and somewhat old school artists, perhaps seeing so many artists creating and designing on PCs and laptops deals a blow to the sense of traditionalism. But technology truly has ushered in a new art form. Our Image Editing Tutorials offer a wide variety of techniques and styles that can be used to acquire high quality results when using the computer to color a piece of artwork. Aspiring colorers and media creating talent of all kind should feel free to learn new techniques in this section.
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Before using Photoshop to do your bidding you must understand the basic concepts of the program, learn Photoshop's basics from creating new files to understanding layers and discover how to have fun with it.
A quick reference that has clickable icons from Adobe Photoshop's Tool Palette. Their is a short description provided for each tool so that the online community of creators have a quick and easy way to reference tools that they might not be familiar with.
A commonly overlooked asset to Photoshop is their quick keys. Learning to use Adobe Photoshop's quick keys will help speed production time and save time in the long run.
This tutorial is takes an in-depth look at all of Photoshop's cropping tools and features as well as other cropping abilities.
Learn how to customize Photoshop CS2's menus in order to increase production output. The more you know, the more efficient your image editing duties will get.
Coloring penciled and inked work starts with an understanding of Photoshop's layers and coloring. Learn how to color drawings and other artwork with ease.
A basic introduction to image editing, graphic design and Photoshop features such as Photo Selection, Cropping, Hue/Saturation, Water Ripples, Neon Glow, Lens Flare, and Conte Crayon.
Learn about Photoshop Image Sizing, Importing Images, Lighting Effects, and Filters in this example of creating a wallpaper from scratch.
Understand coloring realistic artwork as we take you into the realm of working with and applying shadows to your projects. Shadows produce 3D perception, which produce realistic images and professional artwork.
Apply metalic shines, as would be used on chrome and other shiny textures, through Photoshop so that you can bring your digitally colored artwork to life through highlights and more.
Learn how to digitally ink sketches, drawings and other penciled artwork in Photoshop so that you can prepare it to be colored or give it a more refined look.
Learn how to add shadows and highlights to pictures to get a more realistic and more professional depth to your Photoshop projects in this digital colorers guide to tips and tricks.
The ultimate tutorial for coloring drawings, sketches, pencils and other artwork using Photoshop CS. Learn how to digitally color pictures with techniques that involve opacity, layers and other Photoshop tools and assets.

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