Interview With Kane: Hellfire, Brimstone & Movies
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A towering and very imposing man slowly walks down a steel ramp in the presence of thousands. He sneers and mockingly unleashes a psychotic laugh. Some cheer, some boo, and children look away as they catch a glimpse of his face. The confusion seems to please him. He laughs again. He feels the fear and hatred...and loves every minute of it.

He eventually reaches a place where he feels right at home and stands in the middle of an Arena like a Gladiator. Lions all around him. He looks at them again and laughs. He raises his hands slowly in the air and you can almost feel the tugging as he brings down the skies. A fiery blaze erupts from each ring post. Kane has entered the squared circle. Run for your life.

Blazedent decided to find out more about this enigma of a World Wrestling Entertainment character/wrestler in support of his movie "See No Evil" which opens May 19th. Join us as we step into a world unlike any other.

(you might need to turn your volume up to hear the sound)

- Pawel Goj and James Chan

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