Interview With Brian Michael Bendis
artist editorials, artist interviews, art articles, artist's articles Brian Michael Bendis interview.Ask any comic fan today who Brian Michael Bendis is and they will give you many answers. Some would say he is the writer of the ultra popular Ultimate Spider-Man series. Others would say he is the man calling the shots on New Avengers, while longtime fans would say he rocks out on his indy-series Powers, but all would agree that he is one of comics' most prolific writers if not THE most Brian Michael Bendis interview.prolific writer. One that could, understandably, shake the foundation of the industry if he ever switched sides. Blazedent was lucky enough to take some time out of Bendis' busy schedule during the New York Comic-Con to ask him about Spider-Woman, his view on drawing, and what is in his refrigerator.

Blazedent(BE): Can you tell me a little something about Spider-Woman, the series that is coming out?

Brian Michael Bendis(BMB): Well, Spider-Woman is in The New Avengers and she is a big part of all that is going on in the Brian Michael Bendis interview.New Avengers and Civil War but it is all leading up to an ongoing series that me and Alex Maleev will be doing later in the year. [There's] beautiful artwork by Alex, who I did Daredevil with, and we will be dealing with her triple agent status as a member of Hydra, Shield, and the Avengers and we will be taking it from there. Sexy Spy Thriller!

BE: Is there a chance that you will be doing an Indy-style book like Fortune and Glory?

BMB: Oh, yea. I've got stuff I've already written. I just want to draw it and I don't know when that is going to happen. I can't believe all the opportunities I get to work with the artists I get to work with. They (Marvel) hired Howard Chaykin to draw an issue of New Avengers with me. He's like my hero, you know what I mean? So all these opportunities keep coming fast and furious for me to do what I got to do. Eventually, they'll (Marvel) kick me out but right now, I get to do this and we (Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming) still do Powers every month. That's a book we own and do it the way we want to do it so it's not like I've completely stopped doing [independent books] but there is more coming, for sure.

Brian Michael Bendis interview.BE: Do you like to draw or write more?

BMB: I actually love to draw. I'm a better writer. I know I am. I can see that, 'cause I drew for ten years and the second I stopped, all of comics went "Welcome to comics! Have some awards, Have a couple of dollars!" So, I do understand that the artwork may have been holding me back a little bit but that doesn't take away my love for it, but right now I get to work with artists that are better than me. I get to think of something and Alex, or David Mack, or Frank Cho interprets it better than I would have so that's addictive as well.

Brian Michael Bendis interview.

BE: What three things are in your fridge right now?

BMB: Three things in my fridge right now would be ginger sauce from Benihana's, Lunchables because I have a three year old, and Pomagrants.

There you have it folks. Ginger sauce...I think that says it all. Those three things in his fridge, speak volumes. We would like to thank Mr. Bendis for taking the time out of his incredibly busy schedule for this interview. We also apologize to the fans that were pointing and snickering at us while we were conducting it. Hey, you still got your stuff signed right! For more information on Brian Bendis' current work go to

- James Chan

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