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The official archive of Blazedent's artistic yet off of the wall and uncanny articles, editorials and interviews. The following archives include knowledge from the past and present of all things relating to media, fanboys, nerds, the elite l33t, geeks with their obscure references on custom t-shirts and more. If you feel so inspired, please submit your own editorial or interview to the webmaster.

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Blazedent recently had chance to chat with artist Dan Hipp via e-mail about his latest project, Gayakushu! What followed was an interview that touched on everything from his hit Image series The Amazing Joy Buzzards to aquatic sports.
You might know Canadian born Takeshi Miyazawa from his work on the fan favorite Mary Jane and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. Takeshi recently moved to Japan to pursue comic writing in the Japanese market.
As Y the Last Man comes to a close this January, reporter James Chan conducted an interview via e-mail with Y artist Pia Guerra to get her thoughts on the book, how she feels now that it is ending, and what her plans are for the future.
Matt Wagner is an artiste extraordinaire. If you don't know who he is by now well shame on you! He is the legendary creator of Grendel and Mage and is one of the most acclaimed storytellers in comics.
The wrestler and now comic book movie star tells Blazedent all in this video interview with Kane.
Ask any comic fan today who Brian Michael Bendis is and they will give you many answers. Blazedent is primarily focused on answers to questions about his upcoming projects and what is currently in his fridge.
Chaos ensues on the second day of the convention as many NYC comic fans' dreams are dashed in mere seconds upon arrival.
What started out as a smudged mistake on a drawing became a project of curiosity. Cosmetics fill in between the spaces easily and coloring from shadows to lit areas are just a matter of smearing.
Have you ever met a force to be reckoned with? Get prepared because Ben Templesmith is that force, he is an artist of immense talent with shades of Ashley Wood and Bill Sienkiewicz.
Mike Bullock is a man of many talents. He has been a musician, a promoter, a journalist, and now an acclaimed writer. A fresh breath of air in the comic book industry he has made his splash with the highly lauded "Lions, Tigers, and Bears".
An in-depth look at just how much of our current entertainment is related to comic books, and how long the main concept of comic books will survive in society's ever changing medias and mediums.
The Lord of the Rings trilogy is complete; and the presence of Gimli, the movies' shining star, can be felt across the world. So we decide to take an in-depth look at the fans and Gimli wannabes of our portly hero.
From action figures and cartoons to the box office, see how the comic book industry has gained new momentum and energy and gathered a larger and more diverse following.
Ever wonder where comics originated, what the Comics Code Authority or Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is all about? Here are the answers in the tale of comic book origins and censorship.
Learn how the Comic book Grading Company, CGC, go about judging the condition of comic books and whether or not you should have your book graded.
An article on energizing the creative side of one's self, working the right side of the brain, and being an artist at everything you do.
John Beatty is quickly becoming a legend with his long line of work. Find out what's on his latest agenda in this interview with him by Blazedent.
An introduction to making media, some simplified insight through an artist's editorial of producing and marketing media.
An artists' philosophy on getting things done, being a creative thinker and gathering motivation to get up and do something about those ideas in one's head.
An editorial that offers artistically philosophical insight to producing creative ideas and taking a bigger look at what type of media to use as a creative outlet; from getting contacts in the industry to visualizing your goals.

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