Working the Right Side of the Brain
artist editorials, artist interviews, art articles, artist's articlesBeing an artist not only implies that you do what you like, but that you do it with meaning. When working with media whether it be mass production or something small, it is good to keep in mind that tasteful media is respected the most. This media doesn't just come naturally to the creators, but rather it is decided upon and developed in an artistic nature.

Upon developing parts of the Blazedent website, I did not create things using just part of my ability, instead I put time and effort into them, and in return I have received thousands upon thousands of page hits every month. As small a detail as it may be, the Blazedent words across the top of this screen were made within the course of an hour. That may seem like a lengthy time to spend on nothing more than words, but those words help define this site. As un-shallow as we would like to be, the fact remains that a book is judged by its cover and a website's content is judged by the design and feel of the site. The right side of the brain is the artistic side of the brain. I created most of the colors on the site to coordinate with each other, every detail should be taken into account. This is not to say that one should spend and over exceeding amount of time on small pointless matters, but every matter should still be looked at.

You may be saying to yourself, "What's this have to do with anything?" Well, when you create a magazine, a website, a comic book, a novel, a cd or any other material that is going to come in contact with the public, they expect a polished, artistic and professional piece of work. That is why advertisers and buyers pay money for it, and that is why those materials remain in the market and in the creative process.

When trying to develop a character in a comic, think of creative names that may have something to do with the character's nature. When trying to decide on a name for a cd, think of the meaning of the cd, and what might appeal to the particular buyers you are looking for.

A good way to get the right side of the brain into action, which is known as the creative and artistic side of the brain, is to start doing things differently then you may normally do them. For example, the left side of your brain tells you to do things the same way every time like eating with silverware. For a change, try using your hands or chopsticks!

Sometimes your brain may want you to always leave your dishes out after a meal, but try cleaning them up instead, and try cleaning them up in a new unique manner. Be outrageous, be crazy, be unique and it will all start to show up in your work on any parts of media.

Hopefully this article gave you an insight to the creative part of the mind and will further your advancements into any field that you want to go. Particularly mass media, but whether it is just having a better life or making more money from you mass media, I hope it has helped.

- Joseph Lookabaugh

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