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artist editorials, artist interviews, art articles, artist's articlesMany people love media, they love to create, be in charge or be a part of something that will hopefully at least contribute a little to someone's life. Even a comic book contributes to a life, whether it just gets someone thinking about something, or even if it only makes someone laugh.

Their is no set type of person that gets into mass media; however, in order to do something as a career, you must love to do it. To further establish thoughts of getting into the industry, I must warn you of a few other elements. One must be able to work well with others. As small of an issue as this may seem, working with others is a key in producing media. You have to work with the printers, distributors, writers, artists and the list goes on depending on your industry. Communicating well with others may be the difference between you losing or making money.

Let us start with a theoretical example of a guy trying to start a magazine. In order to start a company funds must first be had through previous financial engagements or through a loan. Once the source of the money is found, you must then spend it wisely in order to keep the company alive. Smartly investing into ink, paper, writers and a hot chocolate machine would be the wisest choices.

Now let's take another example of a guy just trying to be a part of a magazine, maybe he wants to write articles. In order to get into the industry you must have contacts. Whether your starting the company or joining one. Go to places, call people, talking to every writer you see helps a lot. Ask other writers how they got where they are today. Never stop thinking about your dream and it will come true, you just have to constantly pursue it.

The main purpose of this article is to build confidence and let you know where to start. Start by talking to people and realize that at one point in time they were exactly where your at.

- Joseph Lookabaugh

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