Contacts, Ideas, and Visualizing a Media
artist editorials, artist interviews, art articles, artist's articlesYou have something that you love with a passion, everyone does, to each their own. The kind of person that is going to start a large media company is the type of person that has such a passion for an idea that they have to be a part of it. One who loves comics more than chocolate is willing to start their own comic book company; that is, depending on how much he or she loves chocolate. Everything is seen through perspective and all perspective is relative.

You must start brain-storming now, even if your not going to actually begin a project until five years from now. Visualizing a media and gaining insight on getting contacts and ideas as an artist.Get a notebook tablet and start writing all of your ideas down. Dumb ideas, brilliant ideas anything. Later you can go through these ideas and modify the dumb ones, and you'll find that they weren't so dumb at all. You also won't forget anything this way. You'll end up with a notebook full of amazing ideas. Brain-storming is taught at levels even as young as middle school, but don't overlook it's power.

The Phoenix Saga with Jean from the X-Men was surely not thought up in the course of a few days. A saga with such a great story-line was built up in the course of a few months and perhaps even years. In Ultimate X-Men the Phoenix Saga is already building up. Jean has had a few nightmares where she has been on fire. She even had a few cases where she exploded into fire and could not control her powers. This is smart writing, it's a natural escalation that takes time, just as everything. It's even more smart that you carry the technique over to things like beginning a company or starting a comic or writing a book. Things take time, and ideas don't just pop into your head. One has to think, and think for long periods of time. Become so focused that outside noises can't phase you from your primary objectives, become so in tuned with your path of thinking that traditional ideas don't make you sway from the way you want your project to be done.

Visualizing your final product or idea is half of the battle. After you know exactly what your looking for or trying to accomplish, everything will fall in place. Set big goals and be a dreamer.

Wisdom and ideas are as important as money. Your mind can gain you un-maginable powers and wealth, but even better than that they can help you complete projects as well as feel complete after doing so. Their is a mutual benefit that affects not only the project you are working on but the person that you are. Don't think of your ideas as seperate entities, they are part of you. Take things one step at a time, don't be overwhelmed by the big picture, but at the same time make sure that you frequently step back and observe the bigger picture.

- Joseph Lookabaugh

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