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Drawing tutorials are here so that anyone of the artist community can freely learn the details or basics of drawing and sketching and living the life of an artist. All of the tutorials are written by artists of many different types. We encourage that everyone offer tutorials of their own if they feel desired to do so, please email the webmaster. After following and practicing these tutorials you could have some amazing drawings that you could frame and place around your home. You could hire a decorator or home advisor to help you decide where the best place to hang them. Online you can find a contractor or designer on home advisor that can assist with any types of home remodeling.

 Tutorial:  Description:
Become a better artist by living an artists' lifestyle, and we also cover some basics from creating portfolios and furthering one's knowledge to using space accordingly.
Learn the basics to drawing heads, everything from sketching an oval to placement and positioning of its' features and finishing off with a hairstyle.
Get some helpful tips, hints and pointers in this lesson to drawing eyes. Learn to draw male eyes and female eyes including description on eye shapes, eyelids and eyelashes.
Learn tips, tricks and helpful hints in this 'how to' tutorial on drawing gestures. Learning to sketch gestures will help one draw more realistic and fluid actions and poses.
Learn tips, tricks and helpful hints in this tutorial of drawing with correct proportioning, center of gravity, and sketching anatomically correct body parts.
Grasp tips, tricks and helpful hints in this tutorial of drawing and correctly sketching foreshortened angles and shots. Foreshortening is a key to creating a 3 dimensional picture.
Gather what you've learned and put everything together into a step by step drawing routine so that you can't effectively sketch and pencil to the best of your abilities.
What are the aspects of being a penciler for a company that artists don't usually look at or think about it? Look at the big picture of becoming a professional artist. Let us think outside of the box.
Learn how an artist uses their creative intellect to create and invent new fantasy characters. Tips, tricks and helpful hints in this tutorial of inventing fiction characters from one artist to another.
After learning the basics of anatomy, proportioning and other facets of sketching the human body; one is ready to draw any super hero that they can dream up in their head. An introduction to capes, costumes and the imagination of fantasy.

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