Penciling Eyes
Drawing Tutorials, learn to draw, sketch and pencil comic books, learn how to draw, drawing tips, sketching tricks from pros.Welcome! This week's tutorial is on eyes. Eyes are probably the most expressive part of the face so it is important to know how to draw them.

Unless you WANT a disfigured character that looks like it came out of those online fantasies games or a browser MMORPG, placement of the eyes is VERY important to keep an eye on (no pun intended). The eyes are about one eye width apart, meaning that if you placed another eye that was the same size as the right and left eyes right in the center of them it would fit perfectly.

1. When drawing male eyes, start with an oval shape slightly rounded at the ends.
2. Next sketch in a circle or half circle in the oval to create the iris. Add in a highlight if you choose to and make a smaller circle inside of the circle you just drew to make the pupil.
3. Now add in an eyebrow, very thin eyelashes and an eyelid.
4. And finally, just add in any small details like wrinkles or smaller hairs from the eyebrow. Reference to photographs for wrinkles and other features of the eye. Now let's take a look at a women's eyes, which is very different from a man's.

1. Female eyes are drawn slightly slanted to give them a sultry look, so start with a slightly slanted oval that ends kinda pointed.
2. Now rough in the circle for the iris. Add highlights if you want, and then add in the pupil.
3. Add the eyebrow, an eyelid and, thick eyelashes coming from approximately the middle of the eye to the end of the eye that is close to the side of the face. When drawing the eyebrow remember that whether natural or plucked (most) women have eyebrows that are arched and much thinner than a male's eyebrows.
4. And finally once again, add in any small details like wrinkles or smaller hairs from the eyebrow.

Hopefully this has been at least a little helpful to you on your quest to become the next comic artist sensation! Any comments or requests for certain tutorials you'd like to see are welcomed. Send them to

- Fred Rodriguez

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