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Drawing Tutorials, learn to draw, sketch and pencil comic books, learn how to draw, drawing tips, sketching tricks from pros. Welcome! I am Fred Rodriguez, I'm a penciler for a small independent comic company called Ronin Comics. I'm not a pro but I have a pretty decent amount of knowledge about various aspects of comic book creation and so I've been asked to share what I know with you. Since this is my first tutorial we are going to start off really simple. Drawing a face. I've broken it down into four steps.
1. Start with a basic oval-like shape for the head. Add a centerline and then make it into a cross to add a guide for placement of the eyes. About 1/4 down the head from the eye line make a line for the position of the nose, and then about 1/4 of the head from the nose line make a mark for the mouth. Also roughly place the ears on the head. They go between the eye line and the nose line.
2. Add in the facial details, eyes, nose, etc... and if the character has any distinguishing facial features like scars tattoos or facial hair make sure you add those in too. For good ideas of how to draw nice looking facial features, you shouldn't always copy other artist's ideas. Reference to magazines and photos to find new styles you can use.
3. Next add some hair to that big ol' dome! Choose a hairstyle for your character and...well, draw it on! Most of this part of the face depends on each artist's own style. Be unique, and it will always look good.
4. Now just darken or ink the lines you want to show and you're done. (if your not sure how to do this, don't worry. later on I'll write a tutorial on inking and one on coloring)
And there you have it. This was my first tutorial so any suggestions, comments and requests for certain tutorials you'd like to see are welcomed. Send them to

- Fred Rodriguez

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