'Hello, Again'
Wr/Ill. Max Estes

How does Top Shelf Productions do it? The major companies (DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, etc.) always seem to control the market procuring a huge piece of the proverbial comic pie and yet Top Shelf is the only company that seems to, well...have a soul. Unheard of quality is bred from their walls with stories that resonate and encapsulate the struggles and successes Comic review on Hello, Again by Max Estes.of real life. Some are surreal, some down right ridiculous, but each one of their books exemplifies the quality and expressionism that one comes to expect from the alternative side of the industry. But the thing is they do a damn good job at doing their job. And they sure know how to pick their projects. Case in point Max Estes' eccentric graphic novel "Hello, Again"

This book perfectly fits under the Top Shelf imprint. The story follows a building super named William whose past comes back to haunt him. Through the unfolding events that carefully dissect Williams' life, we learn of his family troubles, difficult relationships, and the society defined controversial nuisances of his life. However, the way Max Estes has perfected his craft in this debut graphic novel, shows in his immediate story telling abilities. It takes most professionals pages to even try and get across a certain point. Max Estes accomplishes to cohesively convey sincere emotions in mere panels (example pg 82). The art and story has the simplicity of James Kochalka and the emotional feel of Craig Thompson. The dialogue is crisp and strangely unnatural, in a good easily accessible way. And by the time the ending rolls around, it is sudden and riveting as everything that was established before hand comes crashing down with reader gratification. Truly it's another Top Shelf gem.

A mere ten bucks will get you this compact 150 page graphic novel; you can obtain it from www.maxestes.com or www.topshelfcomix.com. You can expect top quality and it's a small price to pay for something that will really make you get in touch with your human side. This is highly recommended and will definitely diversify and appeal to even the hardcore Marvel and DC fans' collection.

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- James Chan

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