Why Are You Doing This?
Wr/Ill. Jason

"Why Are You Doing This?" by Jason is the classic "fugitive" type story told in comic book form. Alex, amidst a break-up with his girlfriend is asked by his friend Claude to apartment-sit for him while he is away. Alex agrees grudgingly and stays over at his place and while he is there, he sees someone that will forever change his life. From there, he is falsely accused of murder and has to dodge not only the police so he can clear his name but also avoid the killer, who is hot on his trail.

Review of Why are you doing this by Jason.Jason, a popular cartoonist in France is known for his previous books "SSHHHH!" and "You Can't Get There From Here" delivers yet another interesting and engrossing read doing what he does best, weaving though provoking stories around his own animal/human hybrid creations. The only problem is the dialogue. Yes, the dialogue is translated from French so the translation itself could make the story suffer but that is not the point. The translation is fine and at no time does one read the book even realize it is translated until they read the back page. The problem is that the book has dialogue period.

With several of Jason's books, dialogue was practically nonexistent. As a result of that, each story played out like a silent movie of sorts and readers would have to rely on what they saw and how they felt to tell the story. It was the reader's job to try to figure out exactly what they were thinking and feeling at the exact moment. It was a highlight of "reading" a Jason book. It made for one interesting read and put it in a class all its own. Now, with dialogue the story is still good but it just sort of bleeds into the surrounding comic book realm.

The art is also eye pleasing. While not in the realm of George Perez or Jim Lee, Jason's art is not hard on the eyes. It's unique characters, reminiscent of the video game Grim Fandango, is the type is hard to look away from. It also fits very well into the tone of the story and writing.

This book has absolutely no extras but is decently priced. If you are a huge Jason fan, pick this book up. Otherwise, just borrow at the local library but whatever you do, read it. It is definitely worth a second look.

- James Chan

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