Bite Club
Wr. Howard Chaykin
Ill. David Tischman

Reading Bite Club is probably what an episode of The Sopranos would look like if they went bump in the night. The story starts with Eduardo Del Toro being killed by an unknown assailant, leaving the Del Toro crime family without its leader. Bite Club comic review.Enter youngest son Leto, a priest who is given the criminal empire as a final request from his father. Leto believes he can help turn his family around and finally make their pharmaceutical company legit. The only people in his way are members of his family, including his brother Eduardo Jr. and sister Risa, and the Police. All want a piece of Leto and his empire. Could Leto have bitten more than he could chew?

There is nothing particularly wrong with the story crafted by Howard Chaykin. It is a very modern look on vampires and what would happen if they were to live in the real world. It is gritty, dark, and realistic. Everything a vampire/mafia fan would enjoy. The problem comes along when someone has read previous works of Chaykin. This story and dialogue are decent but lack the wittiness and interesting storyline as his previous work Mighty Love. It is a good read…but not a great read and seeing what Chaykin can do with a comic, good is just not good enough in this scenario.

The art by David Tischman is a real departure from the book’s tone. The vampire/crime drama is rarely drawn by a man that could draw the next great cartoon is strange to say the least. Though, like the many twists that one will encounter in this read, the art is surprisingly lively and perfect for the book. The art is never boring and gives the book a boast when dialogue is not around or basically when the story lags. It is reminiscent of the best group of cartoon-like artists in the comic industry right now. Here is hoping that more work will come around for this artist in the comic industry.

There are absolutely no extras to be seen in this book so it is hard to give a presentation grade. In its digest form, it is easy to pack and carry for a long or short ride to work or school. It is also affordable, allowing fans of vampires or mobster stories the option of buying this book. For the Chaykin fan, hope for the Mighty Love sequel.

- James Chan

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