Dead West
Wr. Rick Spears
Ill. Rob G.

Dead West is the combination of two radically differently genres stuffed in a blender and pureed into an odd greenish paste that might scare off traditionalist of both genres. For the adventurous type, this strange roller coaster of a story is one interesting rider, courtesy of the dynamic duo of Indy comics.

In the blink of an eye, a group of Native Americans watched as new settlers on their land, not satisfied with sharing the land, destroy their village in a sneak attack after they went out to hunt. Killing both women and children of the village, the remaining Indians fight to avenge their loved ones, only to be cut down in the end, leaving the Indian chief’s son alive. Dead West comic review, Rick Spears and Rob G.That son waited until the settlers prospered on the land to exact his revenge by raising the town's dead and trapping them on their own land with magic. The town's only hope is a stranger who has entered the town just before it was closed off, in search of man he was sent to apprehend. The Stranger could care less who lives or dies but to get his bounty, he will have to go through hundreds of zombies.

The team of Rick Spears and Rob G., the team behind the Indy hit Teenagers from Mars, comes up smelling like roses in this graphic novel. Fans of the old fashion western and zombie movies can read this novel and not only be entertained by the story but also come out surprised that no one had ever thought of combining the two genres earlier. While light on dialogue because of its heavy on action plot, Rick Spears crafts a fast pace story that's a quick but satisfying read. The whole comic reads like a movie. Reading this novel, one can actually feel the love and respect Spears has for both genres. Plus, the creation of the cool handed Clint Eastwood look-a-like Stranger was inspiring. The character is two cups Wolverine with a dash of Quicksilver. One could assume with the ending of the novel the way it is, that more stories of the Stranger would come in the future.

The art by Rob G. was also fantastic. His black and white drawings captured the mood of the story, while never sacrificing the detail of the art. With the lack of much dialogue in the book, the art is required to carry the load of the story and move it along, which the art does nicely. The art is as good, if not better, than the actual story itself but one can clearly see that these two work well together, like bacon and eggs. With this partnership, they have crafted a truly unique story that is different but feels very familiar.

There are no extras on this book but the book is affordable and the story definitely makes this novel a buy for any fans of either genre or a comic fan in general. This graphic novel definitely would be worth shooting through a sea of zombies for.

- James Chan

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