Silver Surfer Vol 1 'Communion'
Wr. Dan Chariton
Ill. Lan Medina and Milx

I am very disappointed that this series ended prematurely. It could have been special. It quite possibly ranks as one of the best Sliver Surfer stories out there.

But with that said, that does not really mean much as the Surfer stories of old do not really posses enough merit on their own...but it of course is arguable as I am a child of the new noir/dark comic generation.

On to this series then.

Milx's art within the first issue is exceptional. And I am disappointed that he drops off from the series because of a supposed "disappearance". If no one knows what I am talking about, Marvel basically lost contact with him after the first issue. The series endured a number of delays and was eventually cancelled. However, with Milx at the helm and a new direction guiding everybody's favorite surfer, the series had great potential.

Silver Surfer tpb review. Even at the moment of Milx's untimely departure, the series does not lose a beat in the art department. Lan Medina and David Yardin provide exceptional and highly emotional pencils. But the one aspect of the art process that outshines them both is the coloring.

The colors are gorgeous. Mixing painting with water coloring just at the right amount of shades, they create a very imaginative world that surrounds the characters within the story, not to mention that it gives them beating life.

The plot of "Communion" is borderline X-Files in mythology. Silver Surfer is in the middle of an extra terrestrial centered conspiracy involving the mysterious disappearances of certain "special" children. As hard as this could be to fathom, it works out absolutely wonderful in the bigger scope of the story.

Silver Surfer becomes more than a messenger and has a super imposed aura of mystery surrounding his unlikely appearances within the story. He does not even become the main focus as the plot follows a mother who has had her child abducted. It adds a spectacular human quality, and a story within a story, to the characters history. That writing tool also lets the plot of the book unfold with careful and pleasant precision.

However the complexity and scope of the story and the countless delays proved to be too much for fans. The series ended prematurely. We, as readers, are left with many unanswered questions and one would wonder if everyone stayed on this series and gave it a chance to continue, would it have become one of the essential and greatest Surfer runs in history.

Priced at $15 and collecting 6 issues it is a hefty purchase. Especially with no extras. Unless you are a diehard fan or there's nothing else to read, my suggestion is to find it on auction sites for cheaper as your money can be directed somewhere else, but it is an interesting read.

For now, as a feature length is being talked about, one can just wait and see what Marvel envisions next for this storied character.

- Pawel Goj

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