Pakkin's Land 'Paul's Adventure'
Wr/Ill. Gary Shipman
Wr. Rhoda Shipman

When I first picked up this volume I remembered the small hype that this book received in 1997 in Wizard Magazine. And when I read this book, I understood just why. Pakkin's Land is a wonderful tale of friendship and adventure that will delight younger and old readers alike.

Pakkin's Land Paul's Adventure by Gary & Rhoda Shipman.If anyone remembers CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia then they would greatly enjoy Pakkins' Land. It is a tale of talking animals, a young boy, a golden feather, evil plots, magic , and is full of simple intrigue. It becomes a modern day Jungle Book.

The story itself is not overtly difficult to understand and the dialogue is very simplistic in nature, clearly focused on the younger reader. The plot flows without any difficulty and is supplied with equally easy on the eyes art. The artistic style can be easily compared to Jeff Smith's Bone and Richard Moore's Boneyard. There isn't too much detail or ingenuity in art as with a regular independent book, but one is pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and transitions between panels. There aren't any rough edges or bumps that leave the reader wondering what happened on the last page as the story is beautifully rendered through art and plot.

No matter how old you are, at some point you will relate to the young main character of Paul. You will also find yourself immersed in his quest to find the king of Pakkins' Land. And more importantly you will look back at your childhood and release that most important smile as you reminisce about your innocence.

It is however unfortunate that this series disappeared after a small issue run...but luckily it is enjoying a rebirth in color through Alias Entertainment. Books like these deserve all the accolades they can garner. And for a measly 10 bucks, this is a worthy pick up for everyone.

- Pawel Goj

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