Home Teacher Resources: Fairy Tales and Myths, Bringing the Theater to Life

Home Teacher Resources: Fairy Tales and Myths, Bringing the Theater to Life

Children often enjoy traditional fairy tales and stories about fantasy and adventure. While sitting on the couch with storybooks is entertaining, kids may also enjoy watching fairy tales and folktales on the big screen. Visiting movie theaters can be an engaging family outing. You might also be able to bring the magic into your home by setting up a home theater, complete with movie seating for the whole family.

Sharing the Living Art of Storytelling

Jenni Cargill-Strong has compiled this list of resources to share her love of storytelling with others.

Amphitheater Public Schools Resources

Explore the resources provided by an Amphitheater Public School educator.

Children's Literature Links

Click this link to find teaching resources and links about various forms of literature suitable for children.

Fairy Tale Trivia and Resources

Fairy tales often have similar themes and plots, which you can explore using resources provided in this resource list.

Folktale, Fairy Tale, and Mythology Resources

Students can utilize the literature included in this resource list to learn more about folktales and fairy tales.

Mrs. Rumpke's Online Game Picks

This educator with Reading Community Schools offers her top recommendations for educational websites.

Killean Primary School Academic Links

Explore language and math resources in this list of academic websites.

BCEMS Library Catalog - Home Theater Seating

The Barre City Elementary and Middle School offers online resources for patrons to peruse.

Berlie Doherty Movie Seating Information and Resources

Berlie Doherty offers a comprehensive list of reading and literature links.

Colona Public Library Children's Services

The Colona Public Library provides a variety of children's services, including story times, crafts, and homework help.

RC Lewis Movie Seating Resources

Explore fairy tale resources provided on this page.

ESL Resources

ESL students may benefit from this resource list, which includes a variety of literature websites.

Fairy Tales

Educators have created a web page with resources and information about fairy tales and other similar types of literature.

Fairy Tales and Folktales

Explore this comprehensive list of fairy tales and folktales to learn more about this engaging type of literature.

Healthier Home Theater Seating

When creating a home theater, consider choosing healthier seating for your viewing pleasure.

Home Theater Seating and Furniture

Explore various options in movie seating to create a comfortable space in your home.

Theater Seat Store Recognized for Movie Seating

Electronic House Magazine has recognized the Theater Seat Store for its product of the year.

Home Theatres Always The Best Movie Seating in the House

Choose comfortable home theater seating as you set up a theater in your home.

The Art of Home Theater Seating

When designing your home theater, give attention to the seating style you choose.

Shopping for Home Theater Equipment and Movie Seating

Utilize the resources included in this list as you shop for your home theater.

Theater Arts: Home

MIT Libraries offers comprehensive information about literature and theater.

RMI System: Internet Meets the Future Home Theater (PDF)

Explore various media technologies when creating a home theater.

Basic Home Theater AV Setup Guide - Hooking It All Up

This website provides guidance for setting up the electronic components of a home theater.

Vasey Hall Theatre Seating Chart

Villanova University shares a seating chart for a campus auditorium.

High-Quality Entertainment Through Home Theater

Learn how to bring high-quality entertainment into your home when you set up a home theater.

A Guide to Theater Resources

Cornell University provides a comprehensive guide for setting up a home theater.

Home Theater Design Basics

Get tips and help with designing your home theater from this website.

Home Theaters

This website provides extensive information about home theaters with information about sound proofing and other technical details.

27,817 Home Theater Design Photos

Explore numerous photos of home theater designs to help you create your own home theater.

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs can be a comfortable spot for studying or watching movies.

Ultimate Home Theater Designs

Home theaters can be posh and opulent, depending on your budget and design tastes.

Structure of the Greek Theater

Learn about the design and structure of ancient Greek theaters, which were often built into the hillsides of a city.

Ohio Theatre Seating

Explore seating options in the Ohio Theatre with this seating chart.

Cinema Studies

NYU Libraries shares information about the literature of cinema.

Seat Sponsorship

Indiana University offers people the opportunity to sponsor theater seating to contribute to the university theater.

27 Mind-Blowing Home Theater Design Ideas (Pictures) You Have to See to Believe

Explore unusual and innovative home theater designs to help you create your own home theater.

Home Theater Projector User Guide (PDF)

This user's manual provides guidance for using a home theater projector.

The Sony Guide to Home Theater (PDF)

Sony provides consumers with a comprehensive guide to home theaters.

Cinema Guide

The Denison Library offers a cinema guide for consumers.

Paramount Seating Charts

The Seattle Theater Group provides a seating chart for the Paramount Theatre.

Cinema Studies: Home

The University of Iowa shares information about cinema studies for students.

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