Battle Royale
Battle Royale is the ultimate fighting arena where anyone from the community can spin their own tales of blood and brute force, fan fiction at it's best. Universes collide as writers choose characters that are from different types of media such as video games, books, comics, movies and more. Stay tuned for upcoming fights as Blazedent proceeds through its Battle Royale Tournament.

 Battle:  Description:
First their was Venom, then their was Carnage, now is Toxin. Does he have what it takes to stand up to Spawn.
One who was taught by the Dark Knight battles a long-time foe of Spider-man's...who will win in this battle of wit and will?
The ultimate fight of ultimate power between Magneto, the one who can completely control and maniplulate metal, and Dr. Doom, the one whose full powers are still uncharted.
A six armed Spidey and the ultimate Superman alter ego battle it off in this freak versus freak showdown.
The ultimate fan fiction of the Lizard and his DC counterpart. See what it's like when alternate universes collide.
Can a demon hunter be held down by one of the greatest warriors that ever existed?
Two of the fastest heroes on Earth duke it out in this fan fiction. Seems like a pretty even match...or is it?
When comics and video games mix the battles get even more interesting. Can Snake pull off the win against Snake?
A pair of freaks with too much time on their hands; it's easy to see how temperatures will rise.
Shadowman is gone, the only sign that he was even there are the flames towering everywhere. Who wins as muscles duke it out?
Ultimate comic book fan fiction: sadistic symbiote, ice, and the one who can take any power she wants.
When demons collide, the unexpected is always the end result. This battle shows what happens when the devil comes between two hulks.
An in-depth look at two very different characters whose paths cross. Is it a fight or is it fate?
Ninja Styles is a great stealth warrior, but can he compare to the might of six claws and extreme savagery?
Take a samurai rabbit with an attitude who crosses paths with a green beast that has anger management problems and what do you get?
What happens when your friendly neighborhood Spider-man clashes with the dark knight on an evening stroll through Central Park?
Deadpool's healing factor has helped in the past, but will it be enough to defeat the Green Lantern? Will this be the end of the merc with a mouth?

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