Juggernaut vs. Lobo
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."A Pair of Freaks" written by Jeff McCloskey

Juggernaught was going through the rummage of the X-mansion that was destroyed by Apocalypse weeks ago. He was looking for any way into the hidden labs under Magneto's command wherein Xavier had hidden Cerebro. Juggernaught was a little edgy, not wanting to combat a team of X-men at the moment. He didn't want to have to deal with anything other than what he was dealing with right now.

Juggernaught picked up a huge block of cement and hurled it aside as if it were a giant Lego piece. When it landed it made a metallic clank. Juggernaught then walked over to where the sound resonated and began to move aside the broken crumbs of cement. While sifting through the rubble he stumbled upon a metallic door that was masking a hole in the ground. With playful ease he ripped it open.

As he was about to jump down into the darkness below, which he realized was a hidden elevator shaft, he heard the noise of what sounded like the humming of an engine...a motorcycle engine. The first thought that had entered Juggernaught's head was that 'ole Logan was on his way with company. He looked around rampantly, hoping to just deal with these pests as quickly as possible and get back to the task at hand.

JuggernautHowever, he couldn't find them on any of the surrounding roads. Then the engine sounded as if it were above him. He looked up to see what looked like a chopper without wheels. It's pilot resembled a very large Kiss fan. The big guy landed his bike about ten feet from the Juggernaught and got of to confront him.

"Hey, stud, how's it goin?" The mysterious clown freak was mustering a big goofy grin on his face.

"What do ya want ya freak!?" Juggernaught was already getting annoyed with this guy and just wanted him to get out of his way. The Kiss fan's face lost the grin at the word freak and he began to look deadly serious.

"Hey, stud, the name's Lobo, not freak! Get it?"

"And my name ain't stud either. It's Juggernaught!"

"I knew that, Juggy. I just thought you looked all handsome today," Lobo's face turned back into the large goofy grin, ever so grinner.

"Ok, Juggy. So here's the dealio. I was given all sorts of cash and promised all sorts of fame if I could bring you in for some guy named Darkseed, or Darkside, or Darkstink for all I care, 'cause he wants to give you a business proposition. Anyway, you got two ways to do this thing. Way number one is to just come along, let me get the toad skin. Then there is way number two, we fight it out, I beat you up, and take you in and get the green in my pocket anyway. Personally, I think you should go with number two, but that could just be me," Juggernaught was frothing at the laughable thought. No one can stop the unstoppable. This guy must be a joke...

"I say that I got another way to go about this thing," Lobo smiled because he knew what Juggernaught was going to say. He had heard it from all the bounties he had chased down. The only one that had gotten away with it was Big Blue.

"Let me guess Juggy, you plan on beatin' me?"

"Of course!" without any further hesitation Juggernaught lunged himself at Lobo, who just grabbed the opening in Juggernaught's helmet by the mouth and threw the Juggernaught about a hundred yards. Juggernaught landed with a loud thud forming a small crater. Lobo ran in his direction hoping for a little bit more fun.

Out of nowhere Lobo ran into an unexpected fist from his elephantine opponent. He fell back and noticed that he hadn't been hit like that since he went after Big Blue. But there was no time to reminisce.

Juggernaut"Man, Juggy, you can throw a smack cantcha," Lobo got up and started to slug away at the Juggernaught hitting him in the face and the chest. After about the fourth punch to the face, the Juggernaught's mask started to dent. Lobo then forced him to the ground and pounded frantically upon his body. Juggernaught however responded with "That tickles...stop!" but he knew he could not win if Lobo did not incur a certain amount of hurt.

"I think you're slackin', Juggy. I'm only love tappin' ya sweetie!" Then Juggernaught took a wild swing and knocked Lobo up into the air and then he landed about twenty feet away. Juggernaught then ripped off his mask and went after his fallen opponent. Lobo got to his feet but not in time to brace for the blow coming at him.

Juggernaught punched Lobo in his stomach after a full swing and then began to pummel Lobo into one of the few standing walls of the X-mansion, that just happened to be reinforced with titanium. Lobo couldn't fight back with blows like these. Then with the last extra strength that Lobo had he grabbed Juggernaught's neck. Juggernaught then grabbed Lobo's neck as well and the two deadlocked.

"You're pretty strong, Juggy," Lobo choked. Then Lobo's hands fell limp and Juggernaught let go of his opponent. Lobo was on the ground, lifeless.

"Dang right I'm strong ya freak. I told you there was another option for me," Juggernaught then went down into the elevator shaft he had found earlier. After a few minutes he could hear the sounds of a large aircraft and could feel the vibrations of it landing near the ruins of the mansion. Then he could hear a familiar voice above him.

"Somen smells funny to me guys. It's time to bust someone up," Juggernaught could then hear the familiar sound of Wolverine's claws unsheathing themselves and then he realized that he had one more fight to go before he could get his job done.

Winner: Juggernaut

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