Iceman & Rogue vs. Carnage
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."Shattered Symbiote" written by Jeff McCloskey

Iceman was having a hard time looking at the x-tracker and running at the same time. He was tracking down a distress signal that Rogue had sent out about one hour ago. Iceman had travelled all the way from the school to New York in the X-jet and was now getting tired from running through the city streets.

"Almost there..."

He came around a corner and there she was unconscious. Iceman ran up to examine her. She had no big wounds or anything, just a single bruise on her forehead. Then Iceman noticed that Rogue was still wearing her gloves. That meant that she had no chance of reacting to her attacker. He also noticed that her x-tracker was not there.

Then the silence of the dark and damp alley was broken with a sick and twisted laugh that made Iceman cringe. He turned to see an object hurling at him. He froze it and backhanded the object in one smooth motion, causing it to shatter. When he looked at the remaining chunks, Iceman could tell that it was Rogue's x-tracker.

Then from out of one of the windows came Carnage. He looked at the two X-men and gave another horrible laugh that, once again, made Iceman shudder. Then, before Iceman could react, Carnage flew out of the window at his opponent. His foot landed squarely in Iceman's jaw, knocking him to the ground. Iceman tried to get to his feet, but was met by a series of punches and kicks instead; that held him to the wall.

Iceman then got free for a few seconds and started to dodge the punishing blows. Then, in an attempt to fight back, Iceman shot a beam of ice at Carnage. His opponent jumped out of the way; however, and the only thing Iceman succeeded in doing was freezing the whole side of that wall. Carnage then tried to engage Iceman again, but Iceman made a glove of ice on his hands and broke them on Carnage's face and his torso.

Carnage flew against the frozen wall and it shook a little bit. Carnage jumped to his feet and was ready to re-engage the X-man, but he heard a noise. Both of them looked over to Rogue. She was getting up and surveying the scene. Iceman then seized the opportunity and began to freeze Carnage in place.

Rogue ran over, taking her gloves off in the meantime, to Carnage. Iceman stopped the beam. Carnage then began to change his arm into an axe and started to hack away at the many layers of ice around him. Rogue decided it was time to end this battle and she ran over and grabbed Carnage's arm.

Her powers seemed to have a different effect on symbiotes than it did on other people. Instead of her taking on its traits and powers, it caused it to separate from its owner. It separated and oozed out of the hole that Carnage had made with his sword arm. Then the being in the ice was none other than Cletus Cassidy. Rogue stepped away and the symbiote and went down into a sewer drain. Cassidy was unconscious in the ice trap with his arm hanging out of the hole he had made. Iceman then made a ball of ice in his hand and held it for a moment.

"We can't let this kind of person run wild and have a chance to rejoin that suit of evil again. No, this is finished her and now!"

With that, Rogue stepped out of the way and Iceman threw the ball of ice at the frozen wall behind the trapped prisoner. It hit the wall at the very base and caused it to fall forward. It came crashing down on top of the villainous victim. Then Iceman looked down at the broken ice.

"Let's go Bobby," suggested Rogue.

They then started walking away out of the alley, waiting for a little relaxation.

Hours later, the symbiote came out of the sewer drain and oozed towards the blocks of ice. It crawled through the many pieces of the ice and it rejoined with its host body. Then the ice began to shift until it all separated and a shadowy figure stood up. A few seconds later, the back allies of New York City were filled with the echoing sounds of that same sick and sadistic laugh.

Winner: Iceman and Rogue

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