Hellboy vs. Ghost Rider
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."Demons" written by Pawel Goj

"So I heard you got yourself a problem now?"

"Y-yes sir...I...the villagers, they have been...have been seeing things you see."

"Is that right..."

"Yes...strange things. Things unnatural and uncommon. A Demon...a demon I tell you."

"Place looks fine. Nothing wrong with the air. Trees intact. Your sheep and cows seem fine. Chickens got all feathers on them. Tell me this then Padre, has this "demon" of yours caused any harm to any of you?"

"Well, no...not--"

"Alright I'm out of here, round them up Abe. Damn it, I told the bureau to investigate these things further than--"

"Perhaps it was their mistake, but I am not quite sure it entirely was."

"What do you mean Abe...don't tell me your scales are glistening for a reason."

"Actually it is a natural reaction to the sun--"

"Yada ,yada, and I spend three hours trimming little trees...who cares...what's wrong Abe?"

"You are into the art of banzai--I didn't--"


"I don't know...something about this place. There is something not right."

"Oh I wish you didn't say that man...YOU ALWAYS SAY THAT! Tomorrow's Sunday and the Niners play at four. It's football time Abe...football time! Think we'll be back by then?"

"Who knows..."

"Great...so we wait...for-for this demon?"

"We wait."

Hellboy looks over at the priest who is distracted by something in the air.


The priest unleashes a girly scream.

"Calm down there holy man, keep your holy magic to yourself. Ole' Hellboy will get the job done."

Hellboy pats the elderly man on the shoulder and heads towards an old shack.

"Let's wait it out...", he says while motioning to Abe Sapien. Abe follows Hellboy unsure of himself, looking around and investigating the small bugs that fly by in random circles. Strange.

The day passes without a worry as Hellboy and Abe take shelter in the shack and lay amongst the tools upon soft hay.

"Let me ask you something..." utters Hellboy.


Hellboy turns over trying to find a comfortable spot on the hay.

"Why is it that whenever we go on these things there's no one that has a damn television around?"

"Uhmm...well. There is an explanation for that. In the present, not many new fables come to life or unnatural things happen. It seems people lose fate and conform to any usage of technology. They do not have time to look for strange things. And in thus, those strange things disappear over time because they are not seen. And they exist because they want to be seen. They do exist, but they fear new innovations. In the olden days, or places that do prefer the old way of life, there was no computers, televisions, radios and so forth. No other wordly distractions. So people found other means to entertain themselves and they looked for the strange unnatural things. And all the fables, myths, in turn became real from peoples imaginations. It is not the same anymore..."

Hellboy looking a bit bewildered, and sleepy eyed, yawns.

"I just wanted to know why they didn't have televisions here...I--" Twisting and turning and frantically rising "I'm out of here, taking a walk."

"All right...be careful though. Something is not right."

"Will you stop saying that...you're like an amphibian doom bringer...man" And with that Hellboy pushed open the shacks door and stepped out into the night that awaited him outside. The wind picked up and made his trench coat dance. He stretched out his back and cracked his neck and started to walk towards a hill beyond some of the houses.

The houses were boarded up with quickly dimming candle lights inside from whoever was till left in the village. The night began slowly souring grim. Nature's noises started to fade. And it suddenly got quiet.

"Damn it Abe...it's quiet. It's always quiet when something--well, hello." A glimmer of light appeared from atop the hill making Hellboy reflexively reach for the side of his belt buckle. "Man, I forgot Suzie." Suzie, of course was a name for Hellboy's gun. A moniker that he branded his gun by after a thirteenth century ghost, that he freed from Beelezebub's enforcers on one of his supernatural quests. He quickly took cover behind one of the houses and slowly began moving between the shadows up towards the light.

As unexpectedly as it appeared, in an eye blink, the glow vanished. Hellboy, scratching his half-horns peeked out more intently from behind a hay cart.

"What the..."

He trekked backwards a few steps until his own back hit a solid object. An object that felt weirdly like a human being. A wave of heat seared across his shoulders. "Yow!" he yelped, jumping back instantaneously.

Upon regaining his form he stood face to face with a flaming skull. The skull was dressed in leather biker clothes and wielded a blazing chain. It peered at him intently.

"So what are you supposed to be?" asked Hellboy.

The skull, motionless, kept his penetrating stare, looking into Hellboy's eyes.

After a brief awkward silence, Hellboy feeling an eerie discomfort rise up through his innards spoke.

"Hey, listen buddy, I don't know how you guys do things here in the country but I don't like it when--" While grilling through his response to the stare he slowly reached down searching for any object he could utilize as an efficient weapon while keeping eye contact with the flaming skull persona. He felt steel in his hands. He quickly took up the object and threw it atop the skulls head. The skull was doused with water as a weakly built ornate bucket broke dead center atop it's flames. The fire did not die.

"Listen, let's talk about this."

The next thing that Hellboy could remember was crashing through an empty barn.

"All right, maybe not then..." He brushed himself off and regretfully stepped into a small pile of manure. He rose his head to the air.

"You got anything else for me, c'mon!"

The skull quickly began running towards him from the outside, flailing the flaming chain around like a man possessed.

"Woah man, you're flailing that inflamed chain around like a possessed man!" Hellboy reiterated the narrarator's thoughts. Taking a head on collision, Hellboy began beating down upon the skulls back repeatedly with thunderous blows and eventually tossing him into a bigger pile of Horse residue.

"How you like them--" His banter stopped midway as the flaming chain flew towards his head. Dodging in every direction with a surprising cat like agility. Hellboy subsequentally grabbed the flaming chain in mid air and ripped it from the hands of the flaming skull. And something within that second unexpectedly occurred.

Wielding the chain Hellboy looked upon the skull's body as it convulsed violently. A newfound power began surging through his body, filling his veins with a bruning god like sensation. Hellboy's eyes began to flicker. Thinking this was his chance, Hellboy rose the chain and was about to strike it down upon the creature until...

"No, Hellboy, STOP!"

Hellboy lowered the chain and turned to the person standing in the barn's doorway. It was Abe. He was holding the unconscious body of the priest in his hands.

"What're you doing Abe!? I got this guy--"

"No it's all wrong..."

"What? What do you mean?"

Hellboy versus Ghost Rider in a battle royal."It's the bugs Hellboy."

"The bugs, what're you--"

"They were mystified!"


"By the priest, well, I don't believe he is a priest anyway. They are very intuitive creatures and yet they were flying in random uncalculated directions. The spell must have rubbed off on them."

At this moment Hellboy started to feel a familiar burning upon his shoulders. Quickly turning around in a position to strike, the flaming skull persona unleashed a fiery blaze from within it's eyes. Hellboy staggered slightly losing the hold on the chain. His body weakened as it fle down to the ground.

"Thank you" the creature uttered in an ominous tone. "Yes."

"Well, why didn't you--"

"It was the chain...it was, like your friend said, mystified."

"The chain was, well, yeah, that--but how--"

The skull slowly approached the priest and knelt down beside his sleeping body. He lifted his eye lids and penetrated deep within his eyes. He then stepped back and watched as the body began taking shape. A creature that looked like a demonic incarnation of a yeti snow monster took it's place.

"Mephisto" uttered the skull.


"He was the one that used his demon magic. Somehow he infused my chain with it, and I became possessed."

"That still doesn't explain how you got here or what you were--"

"Zarathos' heart. The demon that created me. Mephisto is his minion. I once was human, but...no more. I sold my soul to that wretched creature that is now searching for it's heart, as it ironically wants to become human. He needs to search for certain pieces to complete his puzzle. I do not know more. And I do not know the reason, but I will take care of it. I thank you demon for freeing me from this creatures bounds."


The skull hoisted Mephisto's sleeping body and began heading outside.

"Wait" uttered Hellboy.


"What's your name?"

The skull stopped in deep thought.

"You can call me Ghost Rider. For that is all I am now?" And with those words it disappeared into the night. Hellboy looked at Abe squinty eyed.

"I was going to give that guy a whooping, his fire thing made me stronger for some reason. And there was something about that stare...how did you get the priest to fall asleep?"

"My stories."

"Oh yeah, that would do it."

"No, I just concocted a potion from my scales and put it into his tea. I felt something strange with him."

"Oh that's...wait...your scales?"


"That's just weird."

Winner: Hellboy

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