NightCrawler vs. Venom
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."Salvation" written by Pawel Goj

Kurt Wagner was a vagabond of a creature...lost, betrayed, and misunderstood from the moment he was born. He was called a demon, the devil's son, which his distinguishable physical characteristics dared not hide. For the mutant gene that coursed through his body transformed him into just that.

With three fingers and two toes, a stingray like tail, pointed fairy ears, savage sharp teeth and dark blue fur covering every layer of your body...would you argue otherwise? Kurt Wagner certainly didn't.

Constantly embedded in his own self loathing after a series of life altering tragedies, he found solace in man's religion. He found God. And after he found God, he began seeking a deeper understanding of life by joining groups composed of societal taboo outcasts like the X-men and Excalibur.

He thought they were like him.

But alas...that life of violence and survival was not for him. All that he ultimately wanted was...peace. On the outside a monster to others, but on the inside he was a person, a human who would not hurt a living thing on the planet which gave him life. Searching and searching...he once again found solace. This time however in a monastery atop Mount Athos in Greece.

Traveling miles and miles through countless lands searching for life's many answers, the beliefs of monasticism and the peaceful life of a monk, provided a new spark in Kurt's heart. A form of enlightenment beamed through his being unlike any time during his time on mother earth and for the very first time...Kurt Wagner did not feel like an outcast...he felt free. And yet there was always something missing.

Little did he know that he was not the only one searching for peace during a certain day on one of his daily strolls alongside the mountain's edge. And on that serene day...Kurt's life would change in ways that he could not have imagined.

"Are you all right?" asked Kurt hesitantly while concealing his face under the hood draped over his head. It seemed a person of moderate height was standing in the middle of his path with their head down, shaking randomly. "Is everything..." his sentence interrupted from being slightly startled as the figure began slowly creeping towards him. The wind began to pick up mysteriously and the person slowly rose their head.

"Mein Got!" uttered Kurt in horror as his eyes met iris to iris with the now apparent monster that was approaching him sluggishly. As the moonlight hit him directly he noticed that it was not human. A pale badly burned face with flesh peeling off around its bone cheeks only began to tell the tale of the ravaged body that crept with a purpose. It was as if...the body itself was not alive. A corpse...a lifeless corpse. Or rather a soulless one.

"Vhat...vhat are you?" asked Kurt as the creature stopped momentarily.

Silence boomed. And only the wind could be heard bellowing it's eclectic song amongst the trees.

The silence was then broken by a guttural piggish squeal, followed by a three dimensional voice. A voice of people, not one person.

"We want...peace..." uttered the creature as a black substance began spilling out of it's lifeless eyes.

"P-peace?" repeated Kurt.

"We are..." the figure now was pouring black liquid, dark and thick as an Octopus' ink.


Kurt untied the rope around his waist and slid off his hood as he began backtracking.

"we hunger..."

"Vhat do you hunger for?"

"we...we are..."

With a moment of desperation Kurt's athleticism allowed him to dive away from the oncoming blackness that fully began separating itself from the corpse. The inky substance, somehow alive, began transforming into a half-like humanly shaped monster with white irregular eyes and beast like fangs sprouting in every direction. Spikes began bubbling and protruding from it's apparent torso area. The lifeless corpse it left behind fell flat upon the path's gravel. And cackling away it said...

"We are Venom and we want..."

Upon this Kurt fully got out of his robes and reverted to a creature he was once known as in his past. He had hoped that he had shed the name, but unfortunately his misery in life, loved his company. Once again he breathed air as...Nightcrawler. When will I ever be at peace he thought...I must finish this fast or I won't stand a chance.

The creature launched itself in a multitude of directions preventing Nightcrawler's escape but in a matter of seconds, society's demon, disappeared. Only a faint smell of brimstone and smoke grazed the area. The confused creature, shrieking, searched frantically in every direction until a puff of energy and smoke appeared at it's epicenter. Then in surrounding close blasts as Nightcrawler utilized his teleportation skills to utter perfection. Who knows where he goes or where he comes from when he teleports, but apparently it was causing great pain to the creature. Weakening with each use of his power, Nightcrawler halted eventually and fell knees first unto the ground.

Catching his breath he looked around.

The creature shrieked a monstrous yell, one of anguish and pain as it internally exploded and scattered itself across the path. And for a moment Nightcrawler stood victorious.

But this was a battle not easily won.

Nightcrawler slowly raised his own weakened body, confusion reigning in his mind, as the creature, the mindless symbiote began recollecting itself piece by piece. And without hesitation, in a split hot butter knife second, with it's last remaining strength, the symbiote launched itself at Kurt Wagner.

He had enough to teleport away once more. But all that Kurt Wagner could do was gaze into the heart of darkness and accept it's fate. Because perhaps, this unexplained thing, was his salvation, he thought. Perhaps now, he could discover the answers he had been seeking for so long...the darkness engulfed him whole.

Silence befell once more the solemn path on the mountain edge. The clouds began covering the moon. The wind stopped...

...and Kurt Wagner stood up. With vigor, a newfound enlightenment. A new friend. A dark sparkle in his eye. And perhaps peace at last...

And with a singular voice he uttered.

"Ve are are finally one."

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