Usagi Yojimbo vs. Hulk
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."The Hulk of a Village" written by Joseph Lookabaugh

Usagi Yojimbo, the famous samurai rabbit who travels from one end of the Earth to another. At times he has battled with legends like the Ninja Turtles; at other times he battles with simple common folk. With the stealth of his sword and swift of his moves; most foes die before seeing their killer.

The Hulk, behemoth, monster, green, angry and full of energy. Odds are you've seen his movie, you might even own some Hulk toys; but despite his strength on the big screen, Usagi Yojimbo is not a samurai to be taken lightly.

The local peasants had been complaining of mysterious tracks found around the village. They had also reported that a few hunters had gone missing, and after a week of searching for them they had to ask for help. Usagi Yojimbo was notified of the strange happenings of the local area and immediately began investigating.

While following large foot printed tracks up a hill, Usagi notices a small burrow by a tree. Before getting a chance to investigate further the scent of the beast caught his nose by surprise. Usagi quickly turns around only to be introduced to the fist of the large green beast known as the Hulk.

Usagi lies on the ground, looking up at the towering monster. The Hulk then raises his foot and starts it on the descent towards Usagi's head. Too quick to catch by eye, Usagi rolls out of the way and draws his sword in one quick motion; and before the Hulk can turn around to find his prey, he feels the sharp pain of a sword digging deep into his back.

Out of fury, the Hulk quickly spins around and swings his large arm at the rabbit. Usagi is thrown back into a tree, only to hit his head hard enough to lose consciousness.

Injured and in pain, Usagi limps away. The final battle will have to come another day.

Winner: Usagi Yojimbo and Hulk (tie)

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