Spider-man vs. Batman
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."Sticky Knight" written by Joseph Lookabaugh

Spider-man maintains notability among all superheroes because of his spider-sense, strength, and extreme intellect. His webbing and agility add to the basket as well. Spider-man sketch, battle versus Batman.

Batman is famed for his stealth and problem-solving abilities. He is a good fighter, but what match can he stand against the wall-crawler?

On one of his daily rounds, Spider-man finds himself taking a moment to relax from all of the web-slinging in Central Park. His relaxation ends when he hears a voice of the shadows call him out. Looking around he sees nothing despite the tingling of his spider-sense. That is...until a quick jab from the dark knight catches his jaw. Spider-man is thrown to the ground but quickly jumps to his feet.

Batman sketch, battle versus Spider-man.The tall ears and dancing cape of Batman stand in front of him. The fight is set. Spider-man shoots some web at the feet of his foe in an attempt to hold him down to the ground. Batman quickly pulled a sharp bat-a-rang from his utility belt and cut the webbing and in the same motion threw his deadly shuriken at the wall-crawler, slicing his shoulder. Not a deep wound, but enough to cause stinging pain.

Spider-man jumped high into the air and looked down on the scurrying figure below him. As Spidey neared the ground, he found the foot from a spiral kick making a thudding contact with his kidney. Pain surged through his body as he fell to the ground once again. It took the motivation of his Uncle Ben to rise from the ground, but just to be met with a barrage of punches.

Spider-man's body was bruised from head to toe, and blood started streaming out of his costume. Batman pulled his fist back preparing to nail the final blow, but before he could finish it off Spider-man quickly jumped on top of the bat landing with his knees pounding down onto the shoulders of his foe. With a quick jolting twist from his legs Spidey managed to snap the neck of the fallen hero.

Batman's limp body fell to the ground as Spider-man hung his head down in disbelief and regret. The deed was done, but the burden it holds will always weigh down the spirits of the wall-crawler.

Winner: Spider-Man

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