Toxin vs. Spawn
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."Against All Instinct" written by Jeff McCloskey

Toxin was sitting next to a gargoyle on a skyscraper close to the Bugle. It was all dark with the exception of one room, Jameson's. He had been watching the building for hours, hoping that Peter Parker would show up. Spiderman had been missing for days from the city and Toxin was getting nervous.

Spawn. Fan fiction of a comic book battle royale. "He's not going to show up Pat, why would he show up here?" the symbiot argued.

"I don't know, but it is the only place we haven't looked," Pat argued back.

"Humans are some of the most unintelligent beings I have ever known,"

"You just make me want to jump in front of a train sometimes, Toxin," Toxin finished his argument with himself and crawled towards the street on the wall. Then he saw movement in the alley and felt an unwavering presence. Then he heard a splash to confirm it. He slowly crawled farther into the alley to search for this presence.

As he looked further down, Toxin could see the bright orange glow of a fire. Toxin moved in for a closer look. It was just a bunch of homeless people in an alley, warming themselves around a fire barrel.

"Where is this presence I feel?" Then just after Toxin asked himself this, a chain wrapped around his foot and slammed him into the ground. He stood up followed the chain to its source with his eyes.

"You picked the wrong group of homeless people to mess with, they're protected by a Hell Spawn," a dark figure stood in the alley in front of Toxin, his suit dark with some white and a blood red cape, flowing in the wind. Then, Spawn pulled on the chain that was still attached to Toxin's foot. Toxin flew towards Spawn, who placed a carefully timed punch square in Toxin's jaw, sending him flying back against the building, leaving a huge crater shape.

Toxin picked himself up and stood opposing his opponent, his teeth baring now.

"There's the presence I was looking for. Let's go then!" Toxin ran at Spawn, ready to strike. Spawn shot his chain at Toxin again, but Toxin was waiting for it. He ducked down out of the chains path, still running. Then Toxin grabbed the chain and launched himself foreword and pulling Spawn towards him at the same time.

Toxin hand sprung off of the ground and brought his heels into the airborne Spawn's chest, knocking him against the wall behind him. Toxin tried to follow up, but Spawn ducked out of the way of the punch.

Then in one smooth motion, Spawn took off his cape and wrapped it around Toxin. He grabbed the end of the cape, forming a bag over Toxin. Spawn swung the bag at the wall, but before the impact, Toxin ripped through it with his claws and caught himself on the ground.

He then tripped Spawn's legs out from underneath him with a kick to his knees. Spawn tried to scramble to his feet, but Toxin was much faster. Toxin kneed Spawn in the face and then began to wrap him up in his chain webbing from his ankles to his shoulders.

"Why would you attack me!?" Toxin screamed, his teeth still bearing.

Toxin. Fan fiction in a fan fiction battle royale of Toxin versus Spawn. "I might be a hell spawn by nature, but I fight against that nature and protect these people, the only ones who accept me. And no ugly butt monster like you is going to hurt them while I'm around!" Spawn struggled to break out of his chain prison and attack Toxin again. Toxin looked down at his hands and made them into tight fists. He then went into his human form, the symbiot becoming a red trench coat and black pants and boots.

"So you thought I was going to hurt them. This was just a big misunderstanding, we're not--"

"So what, he attacked us without knowing if we were really a threat or not!" The symbiot screamed, urging Pat to kill Spawn.

"I won't continue to fight him. He is just like me... he uses all of his will power to fight against his nature to destroy and kill, just like I use mine to control you!" Pat argued back with his symbiot. Then, Pat walked over to Spawn and placed his hand on the chain. He then absorbed the chain into his trench coat. Spawn fell to his knees heaving.

"You're pretty strong, I have to admit. I wish I had that control."

"It takes lots and lots of will power my friend. Pure will power," and with that Toxin walked out of the alley, his shoes echoing and splashing in small puddles. Spawn stood up, sour at his loss and hopeful of his gain, someone like him who was fighting. Maybe even winning...

Winner: Toxin

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