Nightwing vs. Shocker
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."A Shocking Developement" written by Jeff McCloskey

Dick Grayson sat on his bed in his hotel room, looking for Batman sightings in New York on his lap top. He noticed several interesting topics, such as the disappearance of Spiderman, the destruction of the Avengers' mansion, and most importantly, the arrest of the Joker after a robbery reported by Lex Luthor. Maybe Bruce caught him, but Dick doubted it for some reason.

Fan fiction in a fan fiction battle royale of Nightwing vs. Shocker."I guess it won't hurt to check some of the city myself... He'll probably find me before I would ever find him," Dick shut down his lap top and pushed it to the side. He stood up and walked over to his suitcase, pulling out his Nightwing costume.

Nightwing ran from rooftop to rooftop, looking for a trace of the caped crusader. He searched for several hours until he heard an explosion a few blocks away. He traveled in that direction, seeking to investigate. Rain was now sprinkling over the city. He could see the orange glow in the distance. As he reached the scene, Nightwing looked down to see a single man, dressed in a yellow suit. There were cars, all destroyed, laying in a circle around him, the buildings all on fire as well. In the distance there was a roadblock of police cars with several policemen aiming their guns at the villain.

"Herman Schultz! You are under arrest for murder, destruction of public property, resisting previous arrest and disturbing the piece!"

"Oh, looks like my play time is up...or not!" He lifted both of his hands and pointed at the police vehicles.

"I won't be stopped by anyone!" with that he lifted his hands and a wave of electricity shot at the police cars. It punched into one of the SUVs, causing it to explode and setting of a chain reaction. Then Shocker just kept shooting in that direction. He stood there, laughing while he was blasting away.

Nightwing pulled out a smoke ball and dropped down towards the ground. He landed on one of the ledges close to the bottom and threw the smoke ball, which was only the diameter of a quarter. The ball hit Shocker in the head and knocked him to the ground, smoke filling the area.

Nightwing jumped into the cloud of smoke only to be hit with a blast and sent into one of he destroyed cars. He picked himself up off of the ground, wincing as he stood up. There was a piece of glass sticking out of his shoulder. Nightwing pulled the glass out and threw it behind him. Shocker walked towards him.

"Who do you think you are? That hurt, you little punk!" Shocker screamed.

"Sorry, I thought maybe with all of that padding it wouldn't have hurt so bad," Nightwing smiled. Shocker growled and shot at Nightwing, who just jumped over the beam and kicked Shocker in the face. Then Shocker swung his right fist at Nightwing, who ducked under the punch and followed with an uppercut. Shocker fell to his back, shooting electricity on his way down. Nightwing jumped to the side of the beam, but it caused the already damaged car to explode, sending Nightwing flying forward, landing on his face.

Shocker and Nightwing both leaped to their feet, but Shocker was faster on the draw. He shot his beam of electricity just as Nightwing threw a star at him. The beam hit Nightwing in the face and the star pierced the Shocker's leg. Nightwing managed to pull himself up again as Shocker pulled the star out of his leg, giving a small scream of pain. Nightwing stood there, his face bloody.

Shocker walked up to Nightwing slowly. As he neared the hero, Nightwing punched Shocker in the face. Shocker took the punch and then looked back at Nightwing. The hero went to punch Shocker again, but the villain caught his fist. Then Shocker placed his remaining hand against Nightwing's forehead.

"That's all you got! Stupid punk!" with that Shocker released a blast and sent Nightwing back into the road. Shocker blew the smoke off of his fist as he walked over towards Nightwing. He stood over top of his fallen opponent; his hand spread open and aimed at Nightwing's already bloody face. Nightwing moaned in pain and Shocker stepped on top of him.

"I guess the hero boy couldn't keep up with the Invincible Shocker! Hahaha... Now it's time I finish with you and find that wall-crawling freak, Spiderman..." Shocker supported his extended right arm with his left and prepared to kill Nightwing. His goal was never realized. A metal object flew through the sky and hit Shocker's hand to the side, causing him to blast the road.

Fan fiction in a fan fiction battle royale of Nightwing vs. Shocker.He looked to the ground to see that the metal object was in the shape of a bat. The Shocker's arm was also bleeding pretty badly where he was hit, the pain surging through his body now. Then a dark figure dropped from the sky, his body covered in a cape and his face veiled by a mask.

"I suggest you back off if you value your life..." The dark figure stared at Shocker intently.

"I guess I'll take that as a sign you're not my friend, haha... Well, I do have other important business to take care of. So I'll see you later!" Shocker blasted the ground in between himself and the dark figure, temporarily blinding his opponent and disappearing from sight. The dark knight ran towards his fallen comrade, leaning over him.

"I'm glad you're here, Bruce... I was trying to find you after you-"

"I know. Let's get you out of here, you need medical attention," Batman picked up Nightwing and extended his grapple hook towards a building.

"I just hope I can remember where I put the Bat Jet."

Winner: Shocker

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