Magneto vs. Dr. Doom
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."Greater Evil" written by Jeff McCloskey

Magneto stood underneath the shadow of Dr. Doom's capital building in Latveria. He needed to speak with the good Doctor of something with great importance.

Dr. Doom sat in his computer room, watching his security tapes. He was looking for a way to politically hurt the U.S., wanting to take his new plan of world domination into action. He had been in that room thinking for several hours, glancing at the computer screens from time to time. Then as he glanced up, he noticed someone standing at the entrance, the blood red cape looking very familiar. Fan fiction in a fan fiction battle royale of Magneto versus Dr. Doom.

"Who are you?" the buzzer rang.

"My name is not important. I would like to just have a friendly chat with Viktor Von Doom," Magneto looked up to the camera.

"Sorry but I don't have time to deal with an anonymous salesmen in a red cape," and with that, Dr. Doom went back to his thought process. Magneto was not going to be ignored like some commoner. He sent the steel door flying into the lobby. Dr. Doom stood up instantly, now remembering who this was. He flew into the lobby, passing through the corridors.

"How dare him!" As he entered he noticed his three guards dead, one stuck under the steel door, and the other two held together by one of the steel support beams which was through their torsos.

"Hello Viktor, so nice to see you. Are you still too busy for me?" Magneto smiled.

"Ah Magneto, how can I help you?"

"I need some assistance. As you know, Charles Xavier seems to foil all of my plans with his X-men. I need resources and you have them. It is quite hard to keep up the stock when you have such an endless battle. What do you say?"

"I don't see the X-men as a threat to me, why should I help you?"

"Because I will have what I need regardless. It is in your interest if you cooperate,"

"Well, when you put it that way...No!" Dr. Doom lifted his hands to fire magnetic energy, but Magneto was quicker. He used Doom's armor and sent him flying into the wall behind him, interrupting his blast.

Dr. Doom as he faces magneto in this ultimate fight. Dr. Doom leaned over and picked up the steel door. He launched the door at Magneto, who stopped the door inches in front of him. Dr. Doom tried to send another beam, but Magneto blocked it with the door. He then sent the door crashing at Doom, who was now lodged into the wall. Doom launched the door forward and Magneto threw it to the side.

Dr. Doom ran at Magneto now and prepared for a physical attack, but was launched into the ceiling and then brought back down into the floor on his back, Magneto keeping his arms, stretched out.

"I will have those resources, whether you give them or I take them..."

"I'm afraid you can't just take what you need and go!" Dr. Doom struggled to move.

"And who is to stop me Viktor? Goodnight," With that Magneto began to warp Dr. Doom's helmet, and then crushed his skull. Blood began to flow out of the mangled mask.

"Now let's find that computer room," Magneto started to walk the corridors, killing Doom's minions as he saw fit.

Winner: Magneto

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