Bizarro vs. Doppleganger
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."Misfits" written by Jeff McCloskey

Bizarro flew through New York City, his new post of heroism given to him by Superman. He was looking for some crime to fight, hoping that he could stop some super villain and be a better hero than Superman. Just maybe he could replace him and be with Lois...

Off in the distance he could see something climb off the wall of a smaller building into a hidden alleyway.

Fan fiction in a fan fiction battle royale of Bizarro versus Doppleganger. "That look a little spicious to Bizarro," he said to himself as he flew down to the alley. Bizarro started to walk down the dark alley, slowly letting his eyes adjust. A cat ran out of a trash can and startled his a little.

"Stupid cat scare Bizarro..." As he walked down the alley he noticed the wall to one of the abandoned buildings was knocked down... and starting to thaw...

"Me am wonderin' why that wall is ice. That am no sense,"

Then he looked up then to see what looked like a giant spider. It had six arms and two legs. He stood upright, ready to take care of this monster as quickly as possible and become the best hero of all time. The monster kneeled down for a second and seemed to pick someone up.

Doppelganger stood up with Carnage in his hands. His master was hurt badly and it angered Doppelganger beyond belief. He turned around, ready to find a place to hide Carnage until he had healed himself. He looked up and saw someone blocking his path.

Was this the person who had did this to his master? He put his master down on the ground so he could punish this awkward man for his crime against Carnage. He jumped at Bizarro, his arms slashing at his opponent. Bizarro caught two of the arms and the other four began to pound at Bizarro.

"Hehehe, stop that, me am ticklish!" Bizarro slammed his opponent into the ground, then he picked Doppelganger up and threw him into the unfrozen building behind him. Doppelganger went through the wall brick and dust went everywhere. Bizarro knew this fight was over before it had even started.

"Monster no am strong as me am!" Bizarro started to walk towards Carnage now to see what this being was. As he took his first step he felt himself being stopped by some sort of net. He looked down and saw that it was webbing.

Doppelganger jumped down at Bizarro again and started to claw and pound at Bizarro's head. Bizarro grabbed Doppelganger by the roof of his mouth and slammed him into the pavement. This fight was done for sure...

Someone screamed.

Bizarro looked up to see Carnage holding a young girl hostage with an axe that was attached to his arm.

"HAHAHAHA! CAN'T DO ANYTHING NOW CAN YOU, STUPID!?" Carnage laughed his maniacal laugh. Bizarro knew what to do. He started to use his laser vision on Carnage's forehead, causing the symbiot to leave Cletus's body once again. Then Cletus Casidy's body fell limp to the ground with two burn holes left in his head, smoking. The girl ran over to Bizarro.

Bizarro fights Doppleganger. "Oh, oh my God! Thank you so much! I thought that I was a goner..." Bizarro smiled at the thought of his victory and looked over at Doppelganger, who was unconscious on the ground next to Kletus's dead body.

"All in days work pretty girl. Me am best hero alive," and with that, Bizarro flew off with the girl in his arms, planning on taking her to Superman so she could tell him of his deed.

Doppelganger awoke, covered in blood and his body racked in pain. It felt to him that he was going to die soon and there was nothing he could do about it. Then he felt something crawl on to his body and he looked down at his feet. The Carnage symbiot was trying to join with him.

There was nothing Doppelganger could do to stop it from becoming one with him. Soon he suddenly felt a rush of knowledge overcome him and all of his pain went away. Doppelganger stood up and looked over himself. He had become his own master now. He was no longer in need of someone else to tell him what to do...

"I AM THE NEW CARNAGE!" It's time for violence...

Winner: Bizarro

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