Cloud vs. Dante
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."Memories of Demons" written by Jeff McCloskey

Cloud brought down his Buster Sword at Sephiroth as hard as he could, but his opponent was too quick to be caught by such a simple attack. Then Sephiroth jumped back and stood calmly, smiling. Cloud looked at the evil in front of him, hatred pulsing through his body. Behind Sephiroth was the body of Aeris on the ground. Then, suddenly, he was back in the Forgotten City of the Ancients. All of his friends suddenly stood beside him, ready to fight and Cloud began to feel invincible. This was short lived however, because Sephiroth just smiled at Cloud and he froze. Barret was the first to act.

He began shooting wildly at Sephiroth, who was deflecting each bullet with his giant Masamune sword. Sephiroth vanished after a few seconds, causing all of the heroes to look about cautiously. Barret felt a sharp pain in his back at first and then felt it move towards his stomach. He looked down to see the sword protruding from his stomach. Cid cried out and swung his spear at the killer, who just ripped his sword out of one opponent and into the other with one smooth motion, and just like that, they both fell to the floor dead.

Cloud from Final Fantasy in the ultimate duel.Cloud had tried to move to help those still alive, but the Sephiroth remnants stood in front of him; Kadaaj, Yazoo, and Loz. They held Cloud down and made him watch his friends, who fell to the villain one by one.

"Look at him, brother. I wish we could all be like him... Hehehe, maybe then Mother would be happy," Kadaaj held Cloud's face up to see that Tifa was the only one left alive and Sephiroth was gone again. She looked up to Cloud and a tear fell down her cheek. Cloud looked up to see Sephiroth soaring down with his blade aimed at Tifa.

And just like that, Tifa fell, just like Aeris.

"I refuse to just be a memory, Cloud. I will always be more... your living, breathing nightmare." The three remnants held Cloud to his feet as Sephiroth pulled his sword out of Tifa's body, with her still hanging on to life. He walked towards Cloud and held back his sword for a lunge. Tifa held up her arm

"Cloud, wh...why didn't you...... why didn't you save us...?"

"Goodnight, Cloud!" Cloud jerked awake, his body covered in sweet. Tifa lay in the other bed, breathing.

The telephone began to ring and Dante snapped awake. He grabbed the phone quickly.

"Devil Never Cry, what can I do you for?" Dante asked. A muffle voice spoke through the phone and Dante became very alert. He spoke with the person on the phone for a few more seconds and hung up. He walked over and picked up Ebony and Ivory, his two custom made pistols, and then grabbed Sparda's sword and walked out.

Cloud put his sword on his back and began to proceed down into the Northern Cave, making sure that there was nothing left of his "Old Hero". He walked through the caves for many hours, always feeling like there was another presence right there behind him. His hands were soaked with sweet underneath his dark gloves, which held his sword tightly nonetheless. Cloud walked through every opening he could find and finding what he hoped he would. Nothing...

"So you don't know where it came from? That's pretty weird, Trish. Who could have opened it...?” Dante had an awkward look on his face as he thought about where the portal had come from. It was just there, emanating a bluish light.

"I haven't the foggiest," Trish was wondering why Dante was so upset. This kind of thing happened all of the time with all of these demons running amok. She was starting to feel a little cold in this damp alley.

"Ok, I'm gonna take care of it. I'll go to the other side to see what's going on. I want you to stay here and make sure no one closes this puppy on me. See yah in a few." With that Dante jumped in without giving Trish a chance to stop him.

Cloud was done with his searching and decided that if something was here, it was hiding to well for him to find it.

"Why can't I shake this feeling that something is still here?!" Cloud kicked a rock in front of him, which was holding up several other large boulders. They all began the shake and then they started to fall down at him. He cut through each giant rock as it fell towards him, leaving rubble to both sides. Then after the last boulder fell, there was a hole in the wall which seemed to lead to another room. Cloud slowly walked towards it and held his sword ready.

Dante stepped out of the portal into a small cavern, barely big enough to stand in. He stepped into a puddle and water splashed into his face.

"I hope this is just water and I'm not inside of some animal again," Dante walked out of the small cavern and into a much larger one. There were only one more route to take and it was a small hole in the other side of the room, about three foot tall and five feet wide. Someone looked like they were starting to come through it. Dante held Sparda in his hand ready to strike...

Cloud went through the small hole in the wall and looked up to see a man in red with a sword almost as big as his own. The Buster Sword was out and ready.

"Who are you?!" Cloud demanded, his face full of question.

"Who wants to know, blondie?" Dante mused. Cloud's look suddenly changed to one of anger and hatred.

"You...the white hair. You're a remnant aren't you?" Cloud threatened his opponent by taking a step forward.

"Well, maybe I am and maybe I ain't, that's up to you I guess," Dante didn't know what a remnant was, he just felt like messing with this guys head.

"Well in that case, I'll take the safe way and get rid of you now!" Cloud jumped forward at his opponent, bringing down his sword with all of his strength. Dante jumped out of the way and retaliated with a sword strike at Cloud's side.

Cloud jumped beside his sword, which was in the ground at an angle. He brought it up and knocked Dante's sword out of his hand. Cloud was now standing between Dante and his sword.

Dante (Devil May Cry) fan fiction in the ultiamte fight."Wow, no one has ever been able to do that before besides Vergil..."

"Now I guess I could let you get your sword back, but I won't make the mistake of showing a remnant mercy again," Cloud dashed at his opponent, ready to make the killing move and Dante whipped out Ebony and Ivory. Cloud saw the guns in just enough time to make a reaction.

Once again he hid behind his sword as bullets began to bounce off of it. Dante put his guns back and jumped for his sword once again. He grabbed the sword and instantly held it behind his back, as Cloud's sword made contact with Dante's.

"You're pretty good, blondie. What's your name?" Dante mule kicked Cloud in the face and knocked him back against a cavern wall. Cloud held up his sword right after impact and once again Dante's sword made contact with Cloud's.

"The name is Cloud. But I'm sure you already knew that," Cloud moved his and Dante's sword to the side and caught Dante in his jaw with a right hook. Dante fell back momentarily and then stood up in a defensive stance.

"No, but it sounds a little unusual to me. The name's Dante, just in case you were wondering."

"You mean to tell me that you really don't know who I am?" Cloud looked puzzled again.

"What? Are you supposed to be famous or something? If you are I'm sorry man, I don't get out much, too busy hunting these stupid demons and going through all of these freaky portals," Cloud stood up straight and his facial expression changed to one of relief.

"So you're not a remnant then...?" Cloud was a little relieved now but he was still cautious of his opponent.

"If I knew what it was I could tell you. But I've never heard anyone call me that before."

"So we just really fought for nothing then. I apologize, you're not who I am after."

"So are we done fighting then? I was having such a good time. Why don't we finish what we started and I show you what I can really do?" Dante held up his sword again and a flash of red surrounded his body. Then he transformed into some kind of demon. Cloud smiled. He was glad to have Dante as a good guy.

"If you insist. I need to stay sharp in case I find what I am looking for," Cloud ran at the new and improved Dante and the swords of the Demon Hunter and the One Hunted by Demons clashed once more...

Winner: ...

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