Snake vs. Bullseye
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."A Snake as the Bullseye" written by Jeff McCloskey

Snake was swimming towards the dock near the abandoned fairgrounds of a fairly large town, his stealth camo hiding his body, but making slight ripples in the water. Snake suddenly heard his nanomachines ringing in his ear.

"Snake, its Otacon. Are you there yet?" asked Snake's partner.

"Yeah, I'm right underneath the dock right now. You got any kind of additional information so I don't go into this place feeling so blind?"

bullseye"Why, yes I have. This group doesn't have any kind of metal gear in their possession, but they do have the information they need to build one. There is no real imminent danger coming from them, but I don't think we should let them keep the info, in case they feel like selling it to the highest bidder,"

"Yeah, I don't like that idea too much either. Do you have any idea who it is that is controlling the group, and do you know what kind of numbers I am up against?"

"Well, I don't know who the leader is, but I do know that they have hired a merc. His name is Bullseye. He makes Wolf look like an amateur, believe it or not. I suggest making it a prioritive of not coming into contact with him if you can. With the stealth camo, it shouldn't be too big of a problem,"

"So the guy is that good, huh? A run in with him doesn't sound like the best idea, but it might come down to that. And you never answered me about how many guys they have down there,"

"Oh yeah sorry. Well, as far as I can see, they only have about ten of them here. I don't know how accurate that number is, but it's the best I can do old pal,"

"Alright, I should be able to get in and out in about twenty minutes or less,"

"Good luck, Snake," Snake pulled himself up on the dock and then took out his silenced Socom, in case a confrontation is unavoidable. Snake headed to the main tent, which was about 500 to 600 square feet. It was a very dark purple and had golden trim all over the entrance. Snake headed inside.

Bullseye walked about in the tent, making sure that all was in order. He had to wait for his boss's orders before he could make his move and abandon this stupid base. He walked downstairs and through the House of Mirrors, which had about 30 pillars with mirrors on all sides that lined up in several rows, towards a lone desk with several papers in a dressing room. Bullseye looked up at the papers, pushing some of the ones on top aside until he came to a clear portfolio. He opened up the folder and looked inside of it, becoming interested in this Metal Gear that his boss had told him so much about. The machine looked like some sort of giant reptile.

snake drawing, snake fights bullseyeSnake peeked his head inside the tent first, looking for any of the terrorists that might spot the tent flaps moving about. He had seen only two, and their backs were toward Snake. He then proceeded inside, having no clue where to start his search. The terrorists had a few different areas set up with the curtains in the large circus tent, making Snake's job a little harder.

He walked towards the section of the tent that was closest to him. There was no kind of blueprints or any kind of paper besides old trash from years ago. He continued his search for what seemed to take hours. He had to move as slowly as possible so he didn't alert any of the terrorists. Snake noticed that none of these guys carried any kind of CBs and by the looks of their very modern equipment, they didn't have nanos. Snake had seen that there were about twelve total. He then noticed he didn't see anyone that looked like they could be the leader of a group of mercs yet. Then Snake could see that there was a different flap that looked like it would lead outside. Snake snuck over to the flap and slowly peeked his head behind it, finding an old set of wooden stairs.

Bullseye continued to look over the documents, understanding why this thing was so important to his boss. He dropped the papers on the desk and walked out of the room. He took his gun out of the back of his belt and began to twirl it around his finger in thought. Why would a guy hire a merc like him, who he had no personal connection with at all, to guard something as precious as the information to build a new weapon like this metal gear thing? Bullseye put his gun in the back of his belt and began to walk towards the stairs again, waiting for his cell phone that had been left for him, to ring. Then he looked at the stairs and could see dust fall down in order of the descending steps. Then as he looked closer, there were foot prints.

Snake looked up and knew that this guy was Bullseye and that his stealth mission had just been turned into a combat one. He pulled up his Socom and got a shot off, but it was too late. Bullseye had leaped behind one of the mirror pillars. The bullet hit the dirt floor with an almost silent thud. Bullseye took out his gun and watched the mirror carefully, knowing this opponent would be a tough one. He could see through the bending light trick if he stayed calm, so he just had to stay that way until he could see red.

Snake watched Bullseye in the mirror, wondering if he could tell were he was. Snake then proceeded to move behind the mirror on the opposite side of the pillar Bullseye was on before this super sharpshooter could get a shot off at him. Then when Snake went to move around and surprise his adversary, Bullseye was nowhere to be found. Then a shot rang out. Snake sensed where the shot would come from, but not in time. The bullet had grazed his arm, just barely, but enough to hurt. Snake ran for cover dodging in between the pillars of mirrors until he felt that there were no eyes on him. Then he noticed all twelve soldiers come running down the steps. He ran towards them with his gun out and ready. Bullseye had seen through Snake's camouflage and began shooting at him, even when he was running straight in front of the other terrorists.

Bullseye accidentally took out five of them before they started to shoot back at him, not knowing he was aiming for an invisible threat. Bullseye was nicked in the leg and fell to the floor, then being in his killing mode and not having a rational thought, he shot at the other soldiers again in defense. He killed three more before the remaining ones had shot again. Bullseye was struck in his shoulder and stomach before he pulled himself behind a mirror. He reloaded his gun and then shot three of the four remaining men before a bullet struck his head.

The last terrorist looked in disbelief, knowing he had an empty clip and the others couldn't have shot Bullseye in the head while he was behind the pillar. Then the soldier looked up and saw a man with cowboy boots complete with spurs, his white hair hanging down to his upper back. The man had a revolver in his hand pointing at Bullseye, and seconds later it was pointed at the survivor. He tried to turn and run but was shot with the five remaining bullets in the back and in the head. The man then walked over towards the desk with all of the papers on it. He knew he would not find the blueprints there.

He took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed a number.

"Ocelot, did everything go as planned?" a deep and dark voice asked.

"Yes sir, Snake showed up just like we thought, he took the plans with him, so he knows about the Marines and Metal Gear Ray. Or at least he will as soon as he reads through, like we know he will do. I also took care of Bullseye like you asked. The poor fool, he thought we actually trusted him with information like that. I will take over that tanker with Olga and then we will get rid of that thorn in our side for once and for all sir," Ocelot was pleased to be able to think that he could finally get rid of the last Sons of Boss.

"Ok, don't forget that the S3 plan cannot fail. Don't disappoint me Ocelot," The phone clicked and Ocelot put the phone back into his pocket a smirk across his face.

Winner: Solid Snake

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