Deadpool vs. Green Lantern
Comic book, video game and other hero and villian fan fiction. Superheroes fight, fan fiction, comic book fan fiction."A Merc's Lantern" written by Joseph Lookabaugh

Deadpool is the best paid mercenary in the World, feared by all and fears none. His swords prove to be handy instruments of death, but when they don't pull through for him his large cache of weapons gets him out of tight corners.

Green Lantern sketch, battle versus Deadpool.The Green Lantern is as lethal as his imagination. With the powers given to him from his ring he has the ability to do as much damage as his mind will let him.

The wind blows hard against Deadpool's face as he cruises down a city street on his motorcycle. He fails to notice, or care about, the business man that finds treads on his face as he guns the motor. The Green Lantern sees the heartless merc rev on without stopping or showing concern. This ignites a flame in his soul that forces him to chase down the motorcycle menace. Deadpool sketch, battle versus Green Lantern.

Deadpool, traveling at incredible speeds, suddenly finds himself flying into a green wall that appeared out of nowhere. The loud cracking noise can be heard up and down the street as his nose cushions his stop. An angry Deadpool, with blood streaming down his mask, looks around to find the culprit.

Green Lantern gives him a mocking wave before creating a large elephant that heads for the merc. Deadpool takes out his gun and starts shooting the green elephant but does not get anywhere. Before he knows what's going on his chest and pelvis are being trampled under the tremendous weight of the elephant.

Letting the elephant remove itself from his body, Deadpool picks his gun up off of the ground and starts firing at the Green Lantern. Bullets whiz by his body until one hits him in the arm and sends him falling back. In a desperate attempt to hold off the angry merc, the Green Lantern throws a spear at Deadpool, hitting him in the gut. Deadpool begins to laugh as he nears his target and in one swift movement takes out his swords and slices the neck of the vigilante who thought he would take the fun spirit out of him.

Deadpool walks away, shouting obscenities at the sight of his mangled motorcycle, yet still he holds a smile on his face.

Winner: Deadpool

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