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Our Mission:
Blazedent was originally founded to share wisdom and support of drawing to the comic book community. Since its original conception in 2002, it has grown into the ultimate resource for artistic genesis (creation) through any media or any medium. Offering many tutorials aimed at different aspects of production, creation, development, writing, drawing, and etc., Blazedent has become the online artistic creating community's center of attention.

While most sites just offer comic book news, or articles aimed at one aspect of production; Blazedent goes one step further and connects to every avenue out there. Our goal is to help support those interested in adding in one way or another to the production, or development of any media or medium that is artistic and creative. We support many online programs such as the CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund), Blambot, Webmonkey and other sites that offer tutorials and free help to the general public.

Blazedent is updated weekly if not daily, there are always new ideas and new horizons. Our goal is to help raise the next generation of producers, artists, writers, inkers, letterers, photographers, etcetera, by communicating through the internet for mutual benefits of public media content, and adding to society through free knowledge. Unification of the masses helps raise the bar of standards and what is possible.

Website Details:
We try to make everything as easy as possible for new visitors to navigate around the site. We are constantly improving site content and navigation capabilities. If you are brand new to the site, we suggest that you take a look at our Site Navigation Tree, or perform a site search using the search bar to the left.

Throughout every article, tutorial or other text of the site we have incorporated as many pencil and ink drawings as possible so that even those who are reading a variety of content can still stay focused on the foundation of creative ideas through seeing others' work and accomplishments. We believe in sharing the best of what we know so that we may all grow and continue to learn. We appreciate all of the support we receive from those that view our site.

Our Message Boards are free and open to anyone who wishes to discuss topics of any kind. On the boards you can find topics about recent Blazedent news articles, discussions about the upcoming Ninja Styles comic series or even religious and philosophical forums. We try to take the artistic creating community to the next level, we're not just artists, we're a community. So often we seem to focus on that fact and we never grow as a community in terms of getting to know each other better.

Blazedent Tutorials:
Our tutorials offer extensive information from any and every aspect of media available. We have Drawing Tutorials that begin with the basic shapes, poses and proportions of the body and goes into foreshortening and shading. Our Writing Tutorials are for those who are new to writing comic books or new to writing altogether. Many of these tutorials go in depth so that even the more experienced writers may find ways to fine-tune their work.

We offer Photoshop Tutorials for colorers out there. Tips on shading, Photoshop basics and more are on hand.

Our Website Development Tutorials may not seem to fit into the creative industry, but we offer them for many reasons. One is that artists, writers, colorers, inkers, publishers (and so on) need to know how to promote and share their work. Blazedent is all about giving to the community, for the greater good of humanity. We truly believe that if everyone shares the best that they have, all of society can benefit and begin to raise standards and set new goals.

To tie all of the other tutorials together, as well as give everyone some ideas about one of the most talked about issues out there, we offer Publishing Tutorials.

We ask for experienced people to offer their talents and help chip in. We will gladly help anyone make their own tutorials for the site; no website experience is needed. Any tutorials suggestions or articles are gladly accepted.

Legal Info:
For in-depth information on the legal side of Blazedent, please read our User Agreement. Especially for those who are new to the site, we ask that everyone read, respect and abide by the terms, policies and rules set forth by the User Agreement before taking any journey through the pages of Blazedent.

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Artistic Genesis:
Let's share everything we know. Let's share our ideas, our thoughts, our works.

What if one of us had an idea that could inspire to the extent of changing the world? What if we never found out because we were trapped inside our heads, what if we didn't want anyone else to know the secrets that we've uncovered throughout our lives?

Let us create, learn and share...let us be the foundation that is Artistic Genesis.


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